Does Your Home Reflect The Real You? It’s Easier, Less Expensive & More Fun Than You Might Think

by @thewritermama on May 23, 2017 · 1 comment

Expressiveness begins at home. It has to. Home is the place where we feel the most safe, secure and relaxed, or at least it’s supposed to be.

And yet, it is so common to delay creating our fully expressed home until later.

We’ll do it later, when we have more time.

We’ll do it later, when we have more money.

We’ll do it later, because we just can’t seem to get started today.

Many people who are good with words, live so thoroughly in their minds, they may feel cut off from the spaces around them.

I have definitely tuned out my home at various points in my writing career. But the fact is, I feel happiest and most inspired at home, when I invest a little time each day into making my home a reflection of my most creative self. This is a virtuous cycle because a home invested with inspiration becomes a home that inspires.

Parents may neglect expressing themselves through their homes because they are focused on raising children. But when we create a home that reflects our most expressive selves, we teach our children invaluable lessons about sharing who we are.

We all deserve living spaces that feed and enrich our lives.  Home is a sanctuary for refilling our creative well. Home is a place where we can rest deeply. Home is a place that affirms who we are and encourages us to dare next time we emerge.

I suppose a zen approach to being more mindful would be to have an empty home, but I encourage a more colorful, wabi-sabi approach in my new course, Expressive At Home. One thing I know for sure is that creative people often create clutter, and insights into who we are can be found there, just waiting to be discovered.

We usually think we have to go out in the world to seek our fortune in order to learn things about ourselves. But maybe we have been overlooking an important first step. Perhaps we carry home with us wherever we go, no matter what we are doing. My new course is a treasure hunt of sorts. If you try the simple exercises, you will learn valuable lessons about yourself.

Home can teach us who we are and what we value. Home can teach us what we want and what we don’t want. Home can strengthen us in the world or weaken our resolve. Home can be a giant canvas upon which our sense of self is writ large.

For me, having a home that reflects myself and my family makes us stronger individually and as a unit. Everyone needs a place to splash themselves around and witness what that looks like. Everyone needs permission to come home and really be home. Everyone needs a space of their own to feel fully accepted.

I have worked hard to create a new online course called Expressive At Home: Exercises To Skyrocket Your Creativity, which will help you create a home that expresses the most current and most authentic you.

Because I just launched this course, you have a limited-time opportunity to get it for half price. Once purchased, you have four months to complete the course and you can take it over and over within that time as many times as you like. It is my pleasure to create an online learning space that is safe, secure, and inspiring for folks like me who are interested in creativity, self-discovery and personal growth.

I hope you feel excited about the prospect of expressing more at home, so you can share more every time you go out into the world. Having a home you adore makes a huge difference.

Because the course is now complete, I am no longer seeking Beta users. So why not register today and take advantage of the course for 50%?

Click here to register for Expressive At Home

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