How To Be The Most Productive Person You Know

by @thewritermama on July 19, 2011 · 4 comments

Photo by Michal Kubicek

Photo by Michal Kubicek

[This post was going to be long but then I realized it would take too long to write for me to be productive today. So I decided to take my own advice and keep it short.]

Prioritize everything that is important, let the rest go.

Juggle as many projects you love as you can on an ongoing basis.

Advance each project enough to call it “good for today.”

Think instinctively and batch tasks or focus.

Tackle the top three priorities first each day.

Watch out for things you postpone.

Be unapologetically self-aware.

Check your boundaries.

Enjoy your work more than anyone.

When you feel fatigued, do something else.

Keep your blog posts short when you have other things to do. 😉

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