Introducing: Writing Prompts For Summer Stories, 200 Words & 7 Ways To Make The Most Of Them

by @thewritermama on June 11, 2015

Writing Prompts For Summer StoriesHave you ever wished you could have all of your writing prompts in one place so they could keep you writing all summer long?

Well, look no further. I’ve done all the prep work for you!

Writing Prompts For Summer Stories is a collection of 200 seasonal words that will prompt a myriad of nonfiction and fiction story ideas.

This short workbook also includes seven ways to use the prompts that will help you become a more productive and prolific writer.

So if you are ready to write your heart out all summer, look no further for ideas than right inside this handy PDF workbook that can travel with you everywhere this summer.

All you need is this handy prompt list and a portable journal or laptop and you’ll become an idea factory all summer long.

No time to write? Spend ten minutes a day brainstorming ideas and putting them in the notes app on your phone.

Or record your ideas into your voice memo app and email them to yourself for later use.

Stay tuned for more great seasonal writing workbooks by Christina Katz!

Writing Prompts For Summer Stories,
200 Words & 7 Ways To Make The Most Of Them
So You Can Write Your Heart Out All Summer
By Christina Katz

$12.99 in PDF Format

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