Writers On The Move: A Global Fitness Accountability Group

July 10, 2012

I really appreciate you starting Writers on the Move. I’m amazed at how much I get from the group. I already worked out fairly consistently, so I really didn’t expect it to impact my life much! All the encouragement everyone gives so readily and the lack of judgment is really great! So thank you!  ~ T. L. Cooper

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Writers can have a heck of a time staying in shape in such a sedentary profession, so in the summer of 2011 I created a Facebook Group called Writers On The Move.

We are a low-pressure, low-commitment group meant to assist members in inspiring ourselves first in an effort to inspire the group.

WOTM is an open, private group and anyone can ask to join. Unlike most groups for writers, we don’t talk much about writing. Instead, we all contribute to a context that helps keep us accountable to our exercise goals.

What kind of exercising do we do? All kinds.

What kind of writing do we do? Who knows we never talk about it. We are too busy checking in about how we are doing getting and staying moving.

Want to join us? There is no cost and no obligation before, during or after.

We are easy to find. Either click here or find the group by typing “Writers On The Move” into the search bar on Facebook.

I hope you can join us and get moving!

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