Micro-publishing Is A Career-boosting Goal For Nonfiction Writers

by @thewritermama on November 8, 2011 · 1 comment

Now that traditional publishing has tightened its belt, nonfiction writers are looking for a new finish line, an alternative to a full-length, traditionally published book.

For years, I have been coaching writers to go from beginner to book deal, and some of them have even managed, usually over the course of several years, to get a book published.

However, the problem with working with writers on such a distant, difficult goal is that it takes a pretty patient, practiced writer to go the distance.

Luckily, I know some patient and practiced writers. Yet imagine how excited I am to be able work with these same patient and hard working writers and help them micro-publish themselves, instead of having to wait for gatekeeper approval. It’s pretty awesome to be able to help them take their careers to new depths and heights, all without having to wait or jump through hoops.

Of course, there are plenty of hoops to jump through in any kind of publishing, and micro-publishing your own work is no exception. However, now, writers can finally publish faster, with many of the same benefits of the old ways, with many new benefits that I did not foresee when I decided to create my first micro-publishing class.

I’ve done a lot of really good work over the past ten years that I am pretty proud of. I’ve struck upon some educational discoveries that have helped hundreds of writers become more successful. But Micro-publishing For Mom Writers may be my finest class yet.

This is an advanced class for seasoned nonfiction writers who already have platforms. I have zero interest in working with anyone less prepared than this (besides, they would never be able to hit the deadlines).

But if you give me the right writer working with the right topic at the right time in her career—then, dang, the process is totally awesome.

How do I know?

Well, the results are in from the first class and here’s what the students had to say (I have included links so you can check out their e-books):

The process of self-publishing is fraught with doubts, questions, and uncertainty. Christina Katz to the rescue! In a six-week course, she guides students to the completion of a saleable e-book. Along the way, she provides invaluable guidance on everything from theme to content to pricing. Writers who are ready to take the self-publishing plunge and want wise counsel, encouragement, and support—take this course!  ~ Malia Jacobson LINK

Once again Christina has found a way to motivate and inspire writers into creating their own piece of expertise. It’s a stripped down, no holds barred, approach to moving a tiny seed of an idea into something that is ready to be self-published. Christina manages to keep the class above the hype of self-publishing and allows the space for her students to grow as writers.  ~ Krysty Krywko LINK

Christina delivers again! Micro-Publishing for Mom Writers is awesome. With Christina’s well-executed curriculum and guidance I was able to draft, write, publish, market, and sell my first e-book shortly after the end of class!  ~ Judy M. Miller LINK

Christina’s lessons not only help you identify your specialty and write your e-book, they also help you create a polished, professional end project that you’ll be proud to put your name on and market.  ~ Cindy Hudson LINK

And coming soon: three more student e-books to launch before the New Year.

If you are taking classes with me, I hope you will set your sites on Micro-publishing for Mom Writers. So you can find out why students feel like this:

Christina, thank you. The clarity and focus of my writing that has resulted from working with you, has made the past six weeks among the most important of my career. ~ Dylan Klempner

Stay tuned!

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