Creative Knowing, 50 Self-reflection Questions For Women

April 23, 2014

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Creative Knowing

50 Self-reflection Questions For Women

A Work-booklet By Christina Katz

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Learn More About Creative Knowing, 50 Self-reflection Questions For Women:

Are you a busy woman who has trouble keeping up with herself?

If so, join the club! Most days, women deal with constant pressure to please, perform, and produce, and therefore we are constantly driven further and further away from our true identities.

If you are feeling or have ever felt:

  • Out of touch with your most current self
  • Numb or overly detached from your feelings in the moment
  • Sad or discouraged because you miss feeling connected to your sense of self and purpose

…then look no further. Creative Knowing, 50 Self-reflection Questions For Women is a simple, direct route back to being in touch with the wants and needs of your most creative self.

This work-booklet was inspired by the 13+ years I have spent asking women questions and then listening to their answers. I’ve asked these questions to women formally before and they have been moved and motivated by them.

Women who read this book will gain:

  • A feeling of recognition and affinity towards themselves
  • A sense of relief that finally someone is only asking them to be who they are rather than to be everything to everyone else
  • An increased sense of self-worth and self-appreciation
  • A respite from the workaday pace of the world
  • A reminder that there is a place within us where they can go to recover and connect with their true selves

Written expressly for busy women, this work-booklet is meant to be fun and expansive journey, like a mini-vacation.

Readers who reconnect with themselves through this work-booklet will find themselves feeling refreshed and energized for whatever is coming next. They will have a strong desire to bring what they have discovered within, back out into their day-to-day lives.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase your copy of Creative Knowing, 50 Self-reflection Questions For Women for only $4.99 and you will receive a link to download the PDF e-book immediately.

Thanks for telling all your friends about Creative Knowing, 50 Self-reflection Questions For Women! It’s the perfect tool to reconnect friends across the miles, to use at a spa getaway, or simply to take a trip directly to yourself.

Send me your testimonial or just drop me a line at christina at christina katz dot com. I look forward to hearing your responses.

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