Summer II Writing For Pleasure Daily Prompt Challenge Begins Today!

by @thewritermama on July 1, 2016 · 1 comment

Summer II Writing Challenge

I am pleased to announce the continuation of the Writing For Pleasure Daily Prompt Challenge with the launching of the second batch of summer prompts!

This “Summer II” daily writing prompt challenge is perfect for the month of July and will begin on the day you register, so you can take it in July or beginning any day this summer. Registration opens today and cost for 30 prompts is $15.

You have a couple of choices as to how to approach the daily prompt challenge:

  1. You can pick up your daily prompts in my school and you will be given one prompt per day for 30 days starting the day you register
  2. Or you can download the entire list of prompts after you register and pick and choose from the 30 prompts in any manner you prefer

I know that some participants like to have the prompts paced out, so they don’t see them all in advance and you can do that in my school.

But since it’s summer and folks are on the road and often away from Wi-Fi, I thought I’d offer the download option, as well.

There will not be a competition or instructor review aspect to this challenge. In reviewing the legalities of online competitions, it seems to make the most sense to focus on creating quality prompt challenges and leave the competition aspect out.

I am very excited to be able to use my school to offer courses and challenges. Let the daily writing prompts begin! Registration is now open. Feel free to join one summer challenge or both:

Summer II Writing For Pleasure Daily Prompt Challenge

Summer I Writing For Pleasure Daily Prompt Challenge

Be sure to register for the challenge the day you wish to begin and happy writing all summer long! Coming up next, the Summer III Writing For Pleasure Daily Prompt Challenge. Stay tuned, I’ve got lots of cool workouts for writers coming down the pipe!

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