What People Are Saying About The Writer’s Workout

by @thewritermama on March 23, 2012

If you like my blog or you like my Facebook page or you like my tweets, you are going to love The Writer’s Workout.

Here’s what people are saying. I hope you will run, not walk, to your nearest bookseller to get a copy of your very own.

And please also make sure that your local library is carrying a copy.

The Writer’s Workout is a workout every writer needs to do to keep his/her career healthy, productive, and prosperous.  ~ TL Cooper

Writers are notorious for tons of ideas with very little follow through. Christina cuts through the excuses and procrastination, delivering encouraging yet kick-in-the-pants motivation to set your writing goals and WRITE. Her workouts are short and simple yet majorly effective. She nudges us to ‘meet the goal you need to meet today’, in doing so we learn to hone and narrow our focus–thus getting writing things DONE.  ~ Dana Tanaro Britt via Jerry L Britt Jr.

Every page in The Writer’s Workout has information I can use and it is all readable and practical. She covers everything from craft to the creative process to platform building to working with editors. No wonder the book’s spine is the color of gold. This book is a writer’s gold.  ~ Samantha Ducloux Waltz

Katz has gone beyond the how-to writing reference book or inspirational writing book – she has created the perfect blend of inspiration and advice that is sure to motivate and inform any writer looking to advance their career.  ~ S. Lindsey

Ever wondered what it would be like to be an elite athlete with a personal coach helping you set, reach, and push past your goals?…That is where Christina Katz enters. She’s condensed her most inspirational and effective tips, ideas, and advice into The Writer’s Workout.  ~ R. E. Schorr

Loved this book. It’s substantial enough to be great value, but broken up into small chunks so you can easily dip in and out of it. It has advice for writers at all stages of their careers, and though I’ve been writing for a while now I found even the section aimed at writers in the early stage of their career was packed with useful reminders and inspiring quotes. Highly recommended.  ~ K. Banes

Christina’s books inspire fresh writing and intelligent business strategies. She has a unique gift for simultaneously offering the nuts and bolts of craft with sound business advice. Her new book, The Writer’s Workout, offers bite-sized tips every writer can use. It covers everything from dealing effectively with the chaos to finding an agent. I highly recommend this book.  ~ Dylan Klempner

The Writer’s Workout provides a daily dose of inspiration and tactical advice for writers. It’s a fabulous idea that Christina Katz has executed to perfection. Unlike most writing manuals or career guides, her guidance is applicable to every writer at any stage in their career. She doesn’t ask you to follow her route to writing success. Instead, she guides you toward creating your own by digging deep, defining what you have to offer, firing up your creative juices, honing your skills, and sending your best work out into the world.  ~ Malia Jacobson

I’ve long been a fan of Christina’s work. Not only does she offer sound and reasonable writing/how-to-get published advice – she practices what she preaches. This is prob. the easiest book in the world to get any writer motivated. From daily advice and exercises, Christina helps instill a sense of motivation in daily mini-bites for writing.  ~ Dawn Frederick

Thanks for all of your kind words everyone. And thanks for reading!

Here’s a list of places you can purchase The Writer’s Workout. And of course, at your local bookseller.

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