Why Writers Work With Me: Classes Start This Week!

by @thewritermama on October 5, 2014

I have three classes starting this week!

And this is that lovely fall stretch of time that is so perfect for writing, before the holiday chaos swoops in.

Would you like to enjoy some time writing articles for publication? Learn more.

Are you launching a book or an e-book and your website needs a launch or a makeover? Learn more.

Or are you already a former student, who could use some help cranking out ideas and turning them into saleable articles? Learn more.

All of the classes that accomplish these things begin this week on Wednesday and Thursday. I hope you will join in!

Looking for feedback from recent students? Here it is:

Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff with Christina KatzFrom Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff:

I really don’t think there is a better class for new freelancers or a better class for folks getting back to writing after taking time off.

Christina is a caring and knowledgeable instructor. Her feedback and encouragement have allowed me to gain the confidence I need to submit my work.  ~ Patricia B.

Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff gave me the know-how and confidence I have been looking for in my writing life for years.   ~ Janeen L.

Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff is truly a wonderful class and Christina is building many successful writing careers in the process.  ~ Kerry M.

Christina’s targeted feedback on my pieces really helped me understand what I should do next and how to apply what I learned.  ~ Marianne P.

I found Christina Katz’s Writing the Short Stuff class to be very informative. She is knowledgeable in the freelance field and it shows.  ~ Rebbecca J.

Christina’s WPSS class provided me with a practical, step-by-step path to publication. Christina gave me just the right encouragement, personal feedback and direction I needed to actually walk on that path myself.  ~ Janelle B.

This is a meticulously designed class that provides extraordinary value in its six short weeks. Worth every penny. Christina Katz gives 100%.  ~ Karen B.

60 Ways To Flex Your Content & Prosper In Your NicheFrom 60 Ways To Flex Your Writing & Prosper In Your Niche:

This class has tons of instructor feedback on writing-in-progress in ways most courses don’t. You can learn more in six weeks from a seasoned freelancer than you could learn in six years of trial-and-error.

60 Ways helped me gain confidence in my own ideas and productivity. I didnt know that I could produce so much in so little time, even being 8 months pregnant. Now, instead of feeling like my writing will be going on the back burner when my baby comes, I have tons of articles already started that I can come back to when Im ready.  ~ Sandi H.

This class gave me the wings I needed to keep the writing momentum after Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff!  ~ Ruth H.

I am a busy, homeschooling mom trying to write whenever I can find snatches of time in my day. The lessons in this class helped me generate many ideas that I can turn into articles later and the feedback was the best part.  ~ Janeen L.

The 60 Ways class with Christina Katz helps writers stretch and structure their creativity more ways than they could have perhaps thought of themselves. The detailed feedback she provides each of her students is an ideal launch point for shaping up ideas and drafts and catapulting article and essay ideas into editors’ inboxes.  ~ Rhonda F.

Christina has been the lifeguard during this class as I swam through the current to generate content and fill the forms for publication. I have emerged with a bounty of articles ready to be culled and honed for the publishing market. ~ Diane T.

This class was the push I needed to start outlining story ideas and testing various formats for articles. It was a great way to learn to work on the fly and do a lot of preparation in my head. This class will help you stretch yourself to try so many different formats.  ~ Sarah Y.

Discover Your Specialty & Launch Your PlatformDiscover Your Specialty & Launch Your Platform:

Going the platform route alone would be a daunting task. It’s such a help to have the resources, expertise, and guidance of someone who lives and breathes instructing writers on the best next steps to take for writing and publishing success.  ~ Rhonda F.

This class helped me discover more than my platform – it also helped me discover my writer-self again. The lessons push you to dig deep for your ideas and passion and the feedback gives you new perspective and keeps you on track. I recommend DYS-LYP to anyone who wants to step up in her writing career.  ~ Tiffani H.

Before I took Christina’s class I knew I wanted to write professionally, but I was missing focus. Developing my specialty has been a great motivator. Christina encouraged me to think critically about my expertise, background and interests in order to zero in on a topic. I’m excited to write now that I’m equipped with a clear and versatile specialty as well as a renewed sense of direction and determination. Look out writing world – here I come!  ~ Garen G.

This class challenged me to really look at myself as a writer and figure out what I’m about. It also helped me become less confused about the promotion side of things, as I had gotten overwhelmed by the information out there and didn’t know where to start. Thank you for giving me direction!  ~ Renee D.

This is the last round of six-week classes I am offering in 2014! And these types of classes are the only way to work with me and get individual feedback. So if you feel like feedback about your writing or your platform is what is missing in your career, don’t miss this change to get on track!




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