Audio Coaching With Christina Katz

December 1, 2013

Welcome to my audio coaching page. As we know, different folks learn in different ways.

While one person might learn best by reading, studying, and contemplating, another person might prefer to listen to the same lesson in spoken forms. Another might be able to absorb and retain a lot more information in a shorter time by reading and listening on the same topic.

In the spirit of helping my students and readers learn in more ways, I am providing a variety of audio downloads.

I’ve spent years figuring out what I want to say on topics of crucial importance to writers and you will find it all right here. This page will fill up over the months and years to come, so please come back often.

The content of all audio is copyrighted to Christina Katz and is not to be shared, sold, or copied without the explicit permission of the creator. Fair use is permitted by those who purchase downloads and use appropriate citing.

Audio Pep Talks With Christina Katz

The Habits Of Successful Mom Writers
18 megabytes MP3 download (recorded conference call)
Cost: $9.99
Can a creative writing career be personally satisfying? Yes, it can, if you follow the same seven habits that happy, prosperous writers follow. Beyond my own personal philosophy, I have seen these principles in action with the successful students I have coached over the years.
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Audio How-tos With Christina Katz

Unlock Your Writer Platform Profits
26 megabytes MP3 download (recorded conference call)
Cost: $19.99
This call is about harvesting your career success into long-term profitable income streams. Topics covered include:
~ How to make sure your platform positions you as an expert
~ How to translate your expertise and influence into multiple income streams
~ How to dig deeper into your specialty to create more profits
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