Writer Platform Success: Discover Strengths & Grow Confident

November 18, 2014

Writer Platform Success is an assessment tool with 24 questions to help you discover the details about your strengths and skills, so you can leverage that information in your online platform and use it to create a bio as well as other crucial platform copy. This course is comprehensive. It’s a comprehensive look at your own platform progress.

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Writer Platform Success: Discover Strengths & Grow Confident

24 Questions To Answer Before You Build Your Writing Platform Using The Platform Bingo Method

Are you ready to create the most successful, sustainable, and satisfying writer platform that is possible for you?

Christina Katz has earned thousands of dollars a year thanks to building a solid, sustainable writer platform — and you can too!

This quick and helpful platform workout will help any type of writer get ready to build and sustain a clear, recognizable online presence in just 24 short assignments. These assignments have two components each: a video component and a written component.

Unlike other platform programs that cost a fortune and cover so much material that you could never make a dent in all the work presented, 24 Questions is designed to ask you one simple question about your writing career at a time, so you can learn what makes your writer platform tick.

Just sit back, relax, and answer each question at your own pace. You can take this class in one sitting or stretch it out into any amount of time you like. By the time you are done, you will uncover your greatest strengths as a writer.

I bet you already know you should work on your writer platform. Now, when you feel intimidated, uninspired, or stuck, 24 Questions makes the job more manageable so you can get started today.

And if you feel anxious about platform, this quick and helpful class will help you get unstuck and back on track happily growing your writing career. 24 Questions knows how to ask all the right questions to turn your writing strengths into publishing prosperity.

I have helped thousands of writers build their best platforms over the past seven years. And one thing I’ve learned is you can’t build your platform by imitating someone else’s formula. If you do, your work is going to seem trite to you and to others. In order to build an original platform, you need to inspire yourself first, and then inspire others.

Writers who work with me understand themselves and the value they offer, and then they can move on to inspiring readers with confidence. 24 Questions makes platform development fun, inexpensive, and educational whether you love the idea of having a platform for your writing career or loathe the idea.

And the best part of all, one you enroll in this course, it’s yours for life. If you are already a student of mine, you know that I recommend updating your platform annually. And this course makes it easy to do that.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what the first step in building a writer platform is, you’ve found it. If you’ve wondered how to possibly find the time to update the platform you already have, here it is. Simply answer these key questions at your own pace, and you will be ready to create or update your most successful, sustainable, and satisfying writer platform yet.

Get The Best Price On This Course Exclusively From ChristinaKatz.com

Read what satisfied students have to say:

Developing a professional writing platform involves a lot of steps, many small but crucial pieces that fit into the overall puzzle that creates success. Katz’s class walks writers through each of those steps and helps them be clear about what they offer, who they offer it to, and how they can better communicate that.

I found the lessons easy to take in increments, so it fit into my schedule without me having to set aside one big chunk of time. And while I’m drawn more to the written lessons than the video, it’s nice to have both to choose from.

I can see revisiting these lessons more than once, to make sure that the services I offer continue to be in line with my overall goals. That makes the course an even greater value!

~ Cindy Hudson, Author of Book By Book, The Complete Guide To Mother-Daughter Book Clubs

I was lucky enough to sell my debut novel, The Rabbits of Ravensbruck, to Random House this year and walked around in a daze before I realized I’d better start working on a writer platform. I have a great agent and an amazing editor, but didn’t feel I could take their time to discuss my personal platform at length. The book is a historical fiction based on a little-known true story so I had lots of great research and info to offer but no idea where to start platform-wise. From our first phone session, Christina totally understood what I needed and once I completed her Udemy 24 Platform Questions class she got me perfectly focused on what I need to do. The 24 questions not only helped me realize the areas I needed to work on, the answers helped her guide me to a great game plan as well. I feel like Christina has my back and I’ll be so much more confident and prepared once the book launches!

~ Martha Hall Kelly, author of the forthcoming novel, The Rabbits of Ravensbruck

Christina Katz does not make junk. I’ve taken several of her classes and they are always top-notch. She demands performance from her students and because she lavishes you with encouragement, her students are always willing to perform.

Writer Platform Success will walk you through the steps of gathering all of your published work, awards, speaking engagements, credentials, and more into one place so that you can see trends, interests and strengths that you can capitalize on. I am currently taking this course for the second time, and will continue to review it every year.

~ Carol Alexander, author of Homestead Cooking With Carol, Bountiful Make-ahead Meals

This was my first class on the Udemy site and I hope to take many more. My experience taking the Writer Platform Success was like a breath of fresh air from the standard online courses, the format was easy and the content was great. It felt sort of like a short writer’s retreat. I really enjoyed the flow of this class it was straightforward and not complicated at all. In fact, I felt my mindset shift from overwhelm to I could do this platform stuff. I enjoyed it very much.

~ Casandra McCottrell

Get The Best Price On This Course Exclusively From ChristinaKatz.com

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Still not sure? This video describes the course:

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