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2014 Writing Career Booster Rockets From Christina Katz

Work with me in 2014, if you want to…

  • Move through inertia or self-doubt
  • Increase your writing productivity
  • Feel more technically confident about your writing
  • Go from unknown to known
  • Get paid to get published
  • Show others you can turn your writing dream into a reality
  • Prove to yourself that you can strive and make solid progress

I offer writing and platform challenges, classes, and Dream Teams, and registration for 2014 is open now.

Learn more about:

The 21 Moments Writing Challenge

Platform Bingo

Classes with Christina Katz

Dream Teams with Christina Katz

I go out of my way to offer options that fit every budget. The longer you work with me, and the more you advance through my offerings, the more time we spend working together.

And, if you qualify, don’t forget to apply for The Writer Mama Scholarship! The deadline is Sunday, December 15th.

I hope to work with you and help you realize your writing career goals in 2014! Please contact me via e-mail if you have any questions or concerns.

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