24 Little Things That Mean A Lot In Any Business

by @thewritermama on March 1, 2013 · 2 comments

I have noticed that it’s not the big things but the little things that go a long way in any successful business.

I am sure you have noticed the same.

For example…

1. Care

2. Be gracious

3. Be cheerful

4. Expect the best from others and yourself

5. Be concise

6. And precise

7. Be specific

8. And encouraging

9. Yet realistic

10. Be present

11. Be hands-on

12. Be as responsive as you can

13. Maintain healthy boundaries

14. Ask for feedback and take it seriously

15. Keep track of what’s going well

16. Grow in that direction

17. Address what needs to be taken care of

18. Try not to take things personally

19. And if you do, take a step back and rest

20. Work with enthusiasm but not to exhaustion

21. Cherish what you create

22. Enjoy the people you work with

23. Relish your work

24. Keep growing

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