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6 Months & Going Strong: The Writer’s Workout from Writer’s Digest Books

It's time to read the second section, Summer, if you haven't already.

My latest book, The Writer’s Workout is always going to have timeless appeal because it is one of the only books I know of that talks about how writers can integrate all of their professional muscles: writing, selling, nichecraft, self-promotion, creative career development, and platform dynamics into one happy, satisfied career.

We are moving into a new economy where writers are becoming cottage creatives who hand-craft our own career success. Read The Writer’s Workout and become more empowered as a writer no matter what genres you write, no matter which readers you serve, no matter how far you have gone on the path of authentic self-expression.

Here’s what some of the latest Amazon reviewers have to say about the book:

I’ve enjoyed learning from Christina in person (she sponsors and speaks at the Northwest Authors Series at the Wilsonville Library in Oregon), but this book is like having her sitting across from me with a cuppa and her latest thought provoking advice. ~ BertaJ

Christina Katz has written the perfect book for both beginners and experienced writers. I haven’t found a problem yet that wasn’t resolved by turning to the Writer’s Workout. ~ ML Gomes

Katz pours her years of experience writing and teaching into the pages of The Writer’s Workout. Each essay reminds the writer to nurture his/her career with growth and prosperity in mind. ~ T L Cooper

Writers are notorious for tons of ideas with very little follow through. Christina cuts through the excuses and procrastination, delivering encouraging, kick-in-the-pants motivation to set your writing goals and WRITE. ~ Dana Britt

I have all of Christina Katz’s books and can never quite believe how much information she packs into them…No wonder the book’s spine is the color of gold. This book is a writer’s gold. ~ Samantha Ducloux Waltz

Find out for yourself why this book has a five-star ranking on Amazon. Order your copy today!

We are going to discuss the “Summer” section on Monday.

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