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Christina Katz Bio

Writing Coach ~ Platform Expert ~ Creativepreneur

Christina Katz has trained thousands of writers over the past fifteen years via her books, speeches, classes, columns, workshops, articles, challenges, and blog posts. Christina earns thousands of dollars a year as a writer of both traditionally published and self-published content. Longtime students who train with Christina also learn how to earn thousands of dollars a year working either part-time or full-time.

Christina’s students often become award-winning writers whose words are published in print and online around the globe. She teaches them how to maximize their value by leveraging work into multiple formats in timely and timeless ways. Professionals who work with her learn to focus, work hard, and consistently flex their creative muscles in order to achieve long-term career success.

Christina troubleshoots with writers by phone and coaches writers who are ready for monthly accountability in her goal-setting Dream Team. Students call Christina a “gentle taskmaster,” who walks them from start to finish through projects like getting published, creating a writer platform, and writing and publishing a nonfiction book.

Christina specializes in helping writers prosper within a constantly evolving publishing marketplace. Her mission is to inspire writers to take ownership of their writing careers without diminishing the joy and satisfaction they experience in the creative process. Christina offers video courses on helpful aspects of career success. She also offers phone consultations for authors and aspiring authors by appointment.

Highlights of Christina’s career include appearing on Good Morning America, becoming a three-time author for Writer’s Digest, and traveling to writing conferences all over the country as a featured instructor, panelist, and keynote speaker.

Christina lives in Oregon with her multi-talented husband, Jason, her delightful daughter, Samantha, and their four rather spoiled pets. You can connect with her continually on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Jason and Christina collaborate on their Etsy shop, Words, Glorious Words!, which offers inspirational writing and creativity posters via digital download.

If you are seeking to establish your name as a professional communicator in any creative field, try an online course in Christina’s online Creative Confidence School. And be sure to subscribe to Christina’s blog at ChristinaKatz.com and to The Prosperous Writer e-zine for all the latest news, updates, and discounts.

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Christina has become widely respected for her work in these areas:

  • Micro-publishing your way to a traditional book deal
  • Author platform development from start to expert
  • Finding and focusing on your writing specialties
  • Strategies for writing and selling for traditional publication and beyond
  • Establishing and deepening multiple income streams
  • Creative productivity & prosperous self-care
  • Mom writer training
  • Work/life balance in the Internet age

Words that describe Christina are:

  • Writing coach
  • Writer coach
  • Journalist coach
  • Essay writing coach
  • Platform development expert
  • Creative career coach
  • Creativepreneur
  • Author coach
  • Creativity coach
  • Story coach
  • Prosperity coach
  • Sell your content coach
  • Specializing coach
  • Platform development coach
  • Micro-publishing coach
  • Become your own publishing imprint coach
  • Turn your ideas into multimedia income streams

Current Projects:

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Christina’s traditionally published works are represented by Rita Rosenkranz of Rita Rosenkranz Literary Agency.

Book editors she has worked with include Jane Friedman, Michelle Ehrhard & Melissa Wuske.

For book cover designers, please see the “Books” page.

Hear what her students have to say here.

Contact Christina here.

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