Celebrating My Creative Independence & Individuality By Resting

by @thewritermama on July 5, 2014

As creatives, we need each other. Of course we do. You won’t find me writing or posting anything to the contrary.

But I would be lying if I said that my creative independence and individuality were not important to me.

Sometimes I do things because my gut tells me to, not because it is the popular advice du jour.

Frankly, the amount of  advice for writers online has skyrocketed way beyond the over-whelming mark.

I also find scant advice that rolls into my inbox to be all that applicable, helpful or encouraging to me.

So part of celebrating my creative independence and individuality means writing, publishing, and creating in ways that are as immediate and helpful to me as possible.

Often, I find “my work” means stepping back from the status quo and coming up with fresh approaches and messages.

It means carving out a body of work that is “me” in a world of works that are not by me.

It means owning and producing and sharing my words and work as honestly as possible, without worrying if I’m doing it right.

It means forging new paths and exploring new options and playing around with my ideas.

It means making the most of summer hours and family vacation and letting the ideas drive me instead of being the one who drives the ideas.

It means handing over the reins for a bit and letting the creativity write me instead of being the author all the time.

It feels good to let go of have-tos, shoulds, and schedules once in a while. My creative heart craves a break. My mind welcomes a rest. I can let summer envelop me and cradle me in its lazy arms.

If I can sit and daydream and read a book and do nothing without noticing the time, then I know I am succeeding in resetting my creative clock.

I’ll be raring to go in August, if I keep this up.

How about you? Are you taking time to reset your creative clock? Are you inviting in time to daydream? Are you surrendering to life?

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