Create A Joyful Workspace Where Your Writing Can Blossom

by @thewritermama on March 31, 2013 · 4 comments

Americans have long held tight to the absurd idea that writers (and other kinds of creative people) should suffer for their art.

We have to ditch this idea and the puritanical horse it road in on.

You are here to create, not to suffer. You are here to bring fresh ideas to the table, to ignite your mind and delight your soul.

This is a good time of year to remember this, because there is so much happening in the natural world to remind us of delight and all the ways it’s good for us.

One of the things I do to keep myself happily writing is focus on the little things that I keep within reach. If my immediate surroundings make me happy and inspire me, I am that much more apt to write with joy and exuberance.

Here are a few ideas for you. None of them are expensive but the sum of them can make any day you write a little brighter.

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Lotion (.9 oz tubes): I am using Evelyn Rose and Wisteria right now LINK

Puffs Tissues With Lotion: For allergies and spring colds

Bird clips from Paper Source: Clipped onto my idea clip boards for inspiration

Tarot cards within reach: Usually called on for decision-making LINK

A jar of money I am saving for something special: All the change found around the house goes in here

An astrological calendar: I like to have one nearby to stay informed about moons and retrogrades LINK

My latest work hanging on a wire in front of me: I like to see the results of my work

Whisperings classical music app on my desktop: Makes it easy to turn on soothing music for paperwork and such LINK

Piles and boxes with projects in process: I won’t ever run out of things to do

Photos of my peeps (not the kind you buy at the store): I like unusual frames that make me smile as much as the photos

Inspirational items: That reinforce the message of what I am here to do

A big white board: With lots of ideas to write next

A colorful calendar that is set and orchestrated by me: This is the ultimate creative tool

A bulletin board that is dedicated to images that inspire me: And I try to keep adding to is on an ongoing basis

Flowers: I pull single flowers from bigger bouquets and bring in whatever is blooming from the yard

You are here to bloom creatively, writers. If you have lost touch with this important feeling, take a little time to create a personalized context for yourself to write in. None of this will do your writing for you, but creating a joyful context can help you enjoy more moments while you write.

You are allowed pleasure, writers. You deserve to enjoy your work. Don’t expect the folks who give you deadlines to tell you this. You have to give it to yourself.

You are invited to come share photos of your inspired creating space, if you like, on my Pinterest page. Simple comment here if you would like to be added to the group board and I will add you.

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