Creative Every Day: Just Add Meaning

by @thewritermama on March 15, 2011 · 6 comments

Happy Birthday to my baby, who is always expressing her delightful little self.

Meaning is the secret ingredient. It’s not the special sauce because it goes much deeper than something that is merely on the outside, like a coating added later.

Meaning is the essence you pour into everything you do. Your sense of purpose activates it. Likely, you can’t not instill it into everything you do.

Essence is not only about, for example, my mother’s cooking (although, of course, you’ll find it there). It’s also in the laundry detergent I prefer because it has a more natural, less chemically scent, or the comfort food (which reminds me of my mother’s cooking, no doubt), or the local family-owned pet shop where I choose to buy our ridiculously over-priced pet food (which also has an essence of its own, while we are on the topic).

Essence is in everything I choose to read and also in everything I write. It’s in each piece my students write, which is likely why I never tire of working with new writers, because I know that I am glimpsing something essential and eternal in something even as mundane as a list article.

So, if everything you do is infused with your essence, and everything you buy or choose also has an essence, how are you being thoughtful about how you wield your essence today?

Remember, there is only one you. Therefore only one person with your same gifts, tastes, and choices.

We really need you to be you and share you. It’s always been enough.

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