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Dig Deeper: The Evolution Of The World Depends On The Evolution Of You

How can we expect the world we see around us to evolve, if we won’t evolve?

The world won’t change until we change. And if we refuse to change, then the world is stuck.

We can do our part by turning within and digging deep to uncover the strengths we bring to the global table.

I say global table because we need to recognize that our lives have a ripple effect.

All the love and care I pour into raising my daughter has an impact on the future. When I raise her to be a thoughtful, brave and expressive individual, I am making an impact on the future.

And I mean in both the near future and in the future when I am no longer here.

I am cool with leaving behind a more evolved person than I was at her age. In fact, I am totally down with it, because let me tell you, if you think the world is not evolved right now, it was quite it bit worse when I was a kid.

When I write an article that makes the world even a slightly better place, I know I have made a difference. I really value all the skills I have developed and share with others that allow me to do this.

When I pour my best ideas and efforts into an online course that will positively transform a person’s life, I feel good about myself. I know that my work has impacted many and will continue to touch more lives thanks to all of my painstaking effort.

In order to be a healthy person in a pretty crazy world, I need to take good care of me, keep growing as a person, and look for ways to become wiser and more conscious — because this is what the world is desperate for right now.

Continuing education can play a part in all of this because our personal growth translates into evolution for all. We will know we are on the right track by how good we feel while we are learning and growing.

Self-awareness is a process, not a destination. That’s why I’m always asking my students, How do you feel now? How are you different than you used to be? What is new for you? What do you need to let go of and prioritize now?

I am interested in working with deep, thoughtful, self-aware people, who want to express more of themselves in the world. Because these are the people the world needs most right now — the people who want to heal, serve and contribute to an evolving world.

I hope you value your joy over pleasing others. I hope you recognize that time spent understanding what you believe matters. I hope you will know that you deserve a beautiful home that reflects your most expressive self.

When you care about yourself, you get ready to change the world. That’s how taking care of yourself becomes transformational. Take care of you first and then watch how much easier it is to express yourself in the world in a constructive manner.

What you love and who you are inextricably linked. When you dig deep, you know what the single next most important thing to do is, and doing that next thing feels satisfying.

Your truth is living in you. It’s up to you to dive deep inside yourself and bring it up to the surface one glimmer at a time. Your best self living your highest truth IS what the world needs now. Thanks for being here. And thanks for being you.

I am a veteran journalist, author and coach with over a decade and a half of experience and a wealth of techniques to share. I am focused on making the world a saner, more expressive place. I help folks become more creative for personal enjoyment, professional development and transformational growth. Whether you are a professional creative or hope to become one some day, I can help you embrace your personal strengths, explore your creative possibilities, and evolve incrementally into your most inspiring self. If you are ready to achieve creative consistency in your life and career, email me about monthly coaching calls. To learn more about increasing your creative confidence, please check out my online school. Stay tuned for ways to save money by becoming a Beta User for my next new course by subscribing to The Prosperous Creative. And don’t forget to get these blog posts delivered to your inbox, so you never miss a post. If you appreciate my work—school, products, blog and social media posts—you are welcome to make a contribution of any size at any time. Thank you for your support!

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