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Freelance Challenges Begin Monday September 1st

My freelance challenges, which have been so helpful to so many of my former students, begin again on Monday!

You do not have to be a former student to benefit. I can tell you who would appreciate them…

Anyone who is looking to become a more facile and joyful parenting article writer should take my Article Writing Challenge.

Christina Katz Freelance Article Writing Challenge For Parenting Writers

Anyone who is looking to become a more thoughtful rewriter and polisher of their own words should take my Grammar & Punctuation Challenge.

Christina Katz Grammar & Punctuation Challenge

Anyone who is looking to become a more thoughtful parenting essay writer should take my Essay Writing Challenge.

Christina Katz Essay Writing Challenge

You can learn more about all of the challenges and register here or by clicking on the badges above.

The two things folks appreciate most about these challenges are:

How easy they are to fit into a busy day — because you get one e-mail assignment a day.

How inexpensive the challenges are — because you get 20 days of learning from a veteran freelancer for only $20.

It’s back to school time for the kids, and it’s also back to school time for writer moms. You’ll benefit greatly from these little booster rockets in your inbox every day. So what are you waiting for? Register now for the Freelance Writing Challenge that sounds right for you!

Hope you can join us!


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