Christina Katz’ Ultimate Gift List For Writers

December 23, 2013

IMG_8964For years, I have been compiling a holiday gift list for writers.

Even when I was writing The Writer’s Workout, I found myself answering the siren-call question–what do writers always want?

Since I am clearly obsessed, I have decided to create an ultimate list here.

Obviously, I can’t track down every quirky writer-gift for you. You will have to use your skills of observation and attention to come up with truly personalized gifts for the writers in your lives.

However, I can point you in the direction of the writer-gift trends that are requested by writers over and over, year after year.

Here’s my ultimate gift list for writers. I hope it sparks some fun gifting experiences for you and your writer any time of year! The gifts get more expensive as you read along.

If I forgot anything, please comment and I will make additions down the road.

Links provide specific suggestions. Enjoy!

Small Gifts:

Your favorite everyday pen in several colors


Journals, pads or blank books

Personalized mugs LINK

Writer bumper stickers LINK



Banned books mug LINK

Air freshener

Anything tasty dipped in chocolate

Note cards or stationary

Ink stamps

A fun flash drive

Literary switchplates LINK

Return address labels

Magazine holders

A roomy, sturdy tote bag

A dammit doll LINK

Dark chocolate M&Ms (or regular or peanut…)

Starbucks or coffee shop card

Tea or tea shop gift card

An umbrella

Picture frames to display articles or book covers

Dark chocolate peanut butter cups (or milk chocolate)

Funny or colorful sticky notes

Travel cup LINK

Large clear jars to collect all your sticky notes

Lip balm

Hershey’s Nuggets in Special Dark Chocolate with Almonds LINK (there is no substitute)

Baseball cap LINK

Travel mug

Sage or incense to burn away bad mojo

Fuzzy socks

Quality hot chocolate (preferably a nice, dark one like they serve at Starbucks)

A wall or desk calendar

A set of pretty hooks

A half-dozen cupcakes

Reading glasses

Glasses case

Glasses cleaning kit

Eye-wetting drops

The latest version of Strunk & White LINK

Creativity books LIST

Inexpensive kitchen timer for timed writing

A jump rope

Fingerless gloves

Comic books

Ornament in bookish theme

Book plates

Great writers finger puppet set LINK

A puzzle of famous writers LINK

Medium Gifts:

Bookstore gift cards

Magazine subscriptions

Movies About Writers And The Writing Life LIST

Literary magazine subscriptions

Wireless keyboard

A graphic novel

A business card holder

Headset with microphone

Gift certificate to the local gift store

Set of quality colored markers LINK

Restaurant gift card

A pretty paperweight


Bathrobes (one for warm weather and one for cool weather)

iTunes card

Smart phone case

eReader case

Literary dolls authors & characters


Bracelets Custom book charms or LINK


Hat, scarf & gloves


Laptop bag

Arts and craft supplies

A bulletin board

Hot water kettle LINK

A pretty tray for carrying snacks and drinks into office

A water carafe

A Trader Joe’s gift card

Writing books or games for kids LINK


A bouquet of real, live flowers

A book page bouquet LINK

A houseplant

Jewelry made with book charms

Fancy hourglass timer

A coffee table book

Book art LINK


Large Gifts:

Vintage typewriter

A new desk chair


A giant whiteboard

A cat or dog

One really fancy pen LINK

New running/exercise shoes

A wicked smart phone

The latest Apple desktop computer

The newest Apple laptop

A ginormous hard-drive

The most recent Kindle

A massage

The lightest iPad

Boxed Set Of Books

Updated software

Home exercise equipment

A rare book

A spa trip

A museum subscription

A get-away-and-write weekend

A workshop with your favorite author

Trip to a writerly destination

If you like this list and you would like to see my complete list of writer gifts, please visit my shop, for a complete list of everything I offer.

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