Over At Jane Friedman’s Blog Today With 3 Types of Bios Every Online Professional Needs

by @thewritermama on March 3, 2015

Conversations at JaneFriedman.com

Come on by JaneFriedman.com today to talk about bio writing!

I wrote a piece for Jane Friedman’s blog today about bio writing for online professionals.

After all, writers are not the only pros who need compelling bios, any professional working online today needs engaging bios, as well.

And even though the name of my new course is Build A Better Bio, we all actually need multiple types and lengths of bios. So I’ve outlined the basics over at Jane’s blog today.

Training writers is my specialty, so come on by and bring your questions and comments about bio writing with you.

I’m happy to help if I can!

Here’s how it begins…

Have you ever had someone ask for your bio, and you found yourself dashing one off quickly and emailing it over?

You probably know that’s not the most thoughtful approach, but bios aren’t the easiest things to write. So we put off writing them as long as we can. A strongly written bio often requires taking an inventory, measuring the impact of past efforts and accomplishments, reviewing feedback and testimonials about your efforts, and compressing professional history into witty and engaging prose. And then, once you’ve drafted a great one, it tends to date quickly if you’re an active writer. READ MORE


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