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Register For The UPDATED Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff By August 16th

Greetings from my summer vacation (which hasn’t really started yet)!

I just finished wrapping up my last round of classes, and I am stoked. I have been teaching Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff for almost five years straight and it never gets old!

My students always amaze me with their fresh ideas, their follow-through, and their willingness to grow their writing skills in just six short weeks!

Here’s the 411 on Writing & Publishing the Short Stuff. The next class is newly updated and better than ever. I kinda get a thrill just saying that because I feel like the class is already pretty darn good. So imagine it even better!

Finally, a writing workshop that fits into the busy lives of moms! This class focuses on getting you into print sooner, rather than later, and without pulling all-nighters or paying a fortune in babysitter fees. You will learn how to create short, easy-to-write articles—a skill that will make it easier to work your way up to longer, more time-consuming articles (like features and profiles) when you’re ready. You will try your pen at tips, fillers, short interviews, list articles, how-tos, and the short personal essays—all within six weeks. And you will learn to submit your work with a basic cover letter. Opportunities for self-assessment and self-reflection are woven into the class, and you’ll benefit from reading your classmates’ submissions.

By starting short, you will learn to identify multiple possibilities for your material that will strengthen your freelancer’s eye in the long run. You will receive two detailed reviews of your drafts-in-progress at weeks three and six (you choose one of your pieces for an instructor critique each time). The instructor offers questions answered for the entire class, just like a traditional “live” class. Because of the high volume of student productivity in this class, the instructor does not critique each and every student submission, but she does share all of your work with the entire class.

Here’s what folks say about the WPSS experience:

Christina is a gentle and encouraging instructor who really knows her material. In six weeks, she helps students develop multiple pieces that are ready for submission, and shares loads of professional insights on what it takes to get the positive attention of an editor and get published. ~ A. Kelly

This is my second go around with WPSS. I took the class a couple of years ago but the timing wasn’t right for me to begin writing. Taking it a second time has been a charm! Christina has updated the material and added great new information. I can’t wait to get started on my “writer mama” career. ~ L. Seplack

Ms. Katz knows her stuff.  If you love to write but are not sure how to go from being a dreamer to being a practitioner, this is the course for you. ~ J. Arlin

WPSS will make you look inside yourself and pull out your best! ~ B. St. Clair

The class pushed me to write these articles where in the past it was something ‘I planned to do.’  Now I feel as if writing these types of articles is something I really can do. ~ D. Bianchi

I enjoyed the challenge of having to produce work in a timely manner. Having definite deadlines forced me to create a plan of action. This is what real life writing is all about. ~ C. Stamps

Christina will inspire you to be the writer you’ve always wanted to be. Her class materials provide the nuts and bolts of craft and business smarts, while exercises encourage writers to flex their creative muscles. I always come away [from a class with Christina] surprised and heartened. ~ D. Klempner

Christina is the real thing. She’s your biggest fan and also the coach that likes pushing you beyond your comfort zone. Exactly what I needed. ~ C. Rubenstein

I am always thrilled to meet and work with new students. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the class at “katz christina at comcast dot net.”

You can find more info and register here. This class is already filling up, so don’t delay. Register and then go play! I’ll send out a note one week prior to the start date requesting each students’ intro materials.

Happy summer!

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  • Abby August 8, 2011, 4:53 pm

    I can vouch for Christina, too. In fact, I liked her class so much that at her encouragement, I developed my own essay class and now teach along with her! Lots of my Personal Essays that Get Published students take WPSS & vice versa. 🙂