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Register Now For Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff

Writing short and tight is the future, folks. And in this spirit, on January 22nd my newly updated Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff class will launch once again!

I have been teaching this six-week e-mail course for over seven years and the moms who have taken it consistently rave about what they learn from it.

But anything worth doing is worth improving, right? So I will be upgrading the class to a Deluxe Version in 2014. The course will include an audio pep talks from me that addresses typical weak spots I have been noticed over the years. It will also include more worksheets and brainstorming tools that break complex steps down into fun, manageable processes for busy writers.

And keep your eyes peeled, because I will be  upgrading all of my classes in 2014 including 60 Ways To Flex Your Content & Prosper In Your Niche, Discover Your Specialty & Launch Your Platform, Pitching Practice, Write Six Queries In Six Weeks, and Become Your Own Imprint, For Serial Micro-publishers.

My micro-publishing class has been broken out into two classes, because more time and intensive learning have proven to be necessary for writers to learn these critical techniques that will help them prosper for the rest of their lives. So now the class is offered as Micro-publishing Part One: Position & Write Your Micro-pub and Micro-publishing Part Two: Edit & Launch Your Micro-pub.

There is a reason I have prerequisites for my classes, and that is because the skills that are needed for writing career success build on each other. For example, you can’t write a micro-pub well, if you can’t write a nonfiction article or an essay well. And most of the writers I work with like to write things themselves; they don’t hire that part out. Naturally this requires skill acquisition and practice, but who says practicing has to be dull or repetitious?

There is only one way to learn and that’s by doing. Lucky for me, I attract a very high-level of commitment and effort in my students, so when you work with me, you’ll be working alongside, highly motivated, eager to learn writers, who enjoy learning and growing.

And the best part is my classes are designed for you to succeed more in your career after the completion of each class. I don’t teach any classes that do not have a specific career-building purpose, so you should see your success rate go up once you start consistently applying what you’ve learned from any class.

If you need help with accountability once classes are over, I can help with this, too, because I offer four levels of Dream Teams. But first thing first. If you want to work with me, it all starts with one six-week class, and that class is Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff.

Writers who have taken this class and who have stuck progressed through my other classes and Dream Teams over the course of several years, are now making a variety of types of income as writers, without sacrificing personal fulfillment and integrity.

In my classes, the focus is on writing and writing career growth, so, if you want to be joyful, prolific, and prosperous with your writing career, then I hope to work with you in 2014!

Here’s what recent students have said about their WPSS experience:

Even though I already have longer work being published, this class opened up a whole other market that I didn’t know how to get myself into. Christina introduced me to a world of publishing opportunities that I never new existed. The regional pub market is enormous! Who knew?  ~ Rachel A.

Taking this class really helped me jump start my writing. I developed a regular routine of writing and with the helpful tips and advice offered by Christina, I’m hopeful getting published is right around the corner!  ~ Colleen R.

I had no idea how unrealistic my expectations were about getting published, and learning how to write short pieces and how to propose them to editors was invaluable. This class kicked my butt and was just what I needed to move my writing career forward.  ~ Sarah B.

The WPSS class motivated me to take the next step in my writing career.  Christina made me believe that success is possible; I just have to go get it.  ~ Janine Q.

I read Writer Mama and I loved the book. However, I found being able to get direct feedback from Christina, helped me take what I learned in the book to a new level. In addition, because the course had deadlines, it helped me push past my procrastination tendencies. I was able to discover that if I do small steady chunks of work I can produce a good article. ~ Karen R.

I learned so much from Christina.  I loved working alongside other writer mamas and pushing myself to become a more focused, disciplined writer.  I really feel like I have taken a solid first step, after completing this class. ~ Ruth H.

This was a great class.  It forces you to sit down and write and by the end you have several articles ready to submit, along with instructions on the submission process.  ~ Emily K.

A great class to learn about and practice specific types of non-fiction writing. Feedback was helpful and presented in a positive manner.  ~ Yvonne S.

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