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What Sets My Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff Class Apart From The Rest?

There are several reasons my Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff class is a cut above the rest, and these are the same reasons to take the class from me instead of from an imitator.

1. I have been teaching this particular class for the past six years. Therefore the class contains excellent examples of published pieces written by students from the class. It’s one thing to talk about success in the abstract; it’s another to have been a part of so many students’ successes that you know how to teach the success muscle well.

2. Writing and Publishing The Short Stuff has been continually updated for the past six years based on student feedback and successes. You are not going to find another class anywhere with a curriculum that is so jam-packed with publishing success. Simply put, many have gone before you and many have succeeded. There does not seem to be a limit on how many can succeed because editors will always be happy to work with skilled writers who offer fresh ideas.

3. The more seasoned the instructor, the faster you can succeed. I have been teaching for others and independently for almost twelve years. I am genuinely invested in the success of every student who takes any of my classes. I know this plays a part in my students’ successes. But I can’t do the work for you. Students who take what I teach them and run with it succeed soonest and most often.

4. You can succeed faster working with me than you can with another instructor. I never underestimate the value of proof. I have noticed that, thanks to the steady improvements I have made in my course, that students are succeeding faster than ever before. Writers want proof that techniques are going to work for them. My students apply what they learn and get results. Most classes can’t offer this kind of example.

5. I have written many curricula over the years and this one is strong because it draws from everything I have learned since writing Writer Mama. Every time I write a book, I learn a ton and I pour all that I learn into my future work, including sharing what I have learned with every student I work with personally. You can benefit from all that I have learned working in this industry for the past fourteen years.

6. I have spent twelve years getting better at doing this one thing. Other instructors and institutions, who claim to have as much experience as me, do not share the same focus and level of commitment that I do. My job is to care about one student at a time. To work with each student to help her improve her skills and succeed. Working with me, you are not just a number. I am invested in each student’s success. If you work with me, I am invested in your success.

7. There’s always more to learn if you want to keep learning with me. All of my courses teach skills that can be applied immediately after the class and on an ongoing basis. However, my students also have the option to keep working with me personally, and many of them do. In this age of digital proliferation, you can still work in a simple, straightforward manner to improve your writing and publishing skills with a real, live successful writer. And that’s because some ideas are so helpful that they don’t need to be made more complicated.

ChristinaKatz.com is the only place to sign up for my classes. A dedicated instructor teaching and coaching small groups of committed writers is just as effective as it has always been. I hope to work with you in 2013 in Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff or in any of my classes. Register now for classes that begin January 9th.

And don’t take my word for it. Here’s what recent students have to say about Writing & Publishing the Short Stuff:

Take this class! But only if you’re prepared for hard work, honest, critical responses and a sightline toward a promising future. Christina is an empowering instructor who offers solid information, clear examples and precise instruction about how you can better your writing. Her focus is on you: your process, your knowledge and your work. What more could you want? ~ Kara G.

Christina’s freelancing bootcamp kicked my butt and took me to a new level of writing and productivity. I started out feeling inadequate and too intimidated to approach any markets. Then, Christina pushed me through six weeks of the “Short Stuff,” and I saw my work grow stronger. I am a freelance writer now; I have the skills to start submitting, and to represent myself well. ~ Laurie Z.

If you are a mama with the drive and determination to write and sell your writing, Christina’s class will lead you in the direction you want to go. I can say with confidence that I have been more productive than I could have imagined before starting WPSS. ~ Heather L.

My dream of writing for publication began as a lofty one based little in reality.  As someone with no prior training in writing, I was enthusiastic and completely fanciful about the process and my prospects. The two classes I’ve taken with Christina have helped me set realistic goals and timelines, are helping me narrow my focus, challenging me to rise to a professional level of writing, and encouraging me to persevere.  Not sure where I’d be if I hadn’t taken these classes, but I know it would be nowhere near the road to getting published. ~ Sarah P.

I really enjoyed taking WPPS with Christina. Having a seasoned professional critique my assignments was invaluable and helped me take my writing to the next level. ~ Laura L.

This course was just what I needed to help me progress in my writing career.  I worked hard, and was very grateful for advice and feedback from a knowledgeable, experienced writer. ~ Jennifer J.

Christina teaches an approach that is efficient and professional. I am off to a good start writing quality articles, I know how to analyze markets to see where my subject areas fill a need, and I know how to put forth my best efforts in a professional way that gets the attention and respect of editors. ~ Valorie H.

Christina makes the world of publishing more accessible by starting with the short stuff. Her “can do” attitude is contagious, and with the information I’ve gained from this class, I feel like I can start submitting articles immediately. ~ Tiffany C.

“What is the next step?” Christina asks students this question throughout the course of the class, which, along with her expertise and genuine support and encouragement, has helped me turn ideas into actionable results and published work. Thanks to Christina’s courses and dream team, I have a real plan for my writing career. ~ Heather V.

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