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November 12, 2009

Christina Katz The Writer's Workout Photo By Mark Bennington

You will often find me wearing a baseball cap when I am at home writing.

How To Work With Me

My goal is to teach writers how to cultivate a creative context within, which empowers them to become more expressive, productive, and prosperous. Once you understand how to coach yourself, you can begin to sow patterns of success that create positive cycles of feeling satisfied and effective.

I have a degree in English and Sociology with a concentration in Creative Writing from Dartmouth College. I also earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago. Over the years, I have pursued a consistent path of self-awareness, personal self-expression, and professional growth. I believe in the power of personal development, continuing education, and professional coaching.

I invest in monthly business coaching myself and have for many years. One thing I have learned is, when you invest steadily in yourself, the payoff is many times greater.

I offer five kinds of services:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Instruction
  3. Resources
  4. Personal Attention
  5. Goal-setting Support

Keep reading to learn more about the services I offer editors and my best advice for every writer.

Inspiration For All

I offer a line of inspirational posters for writers and creatives over at my Etsy Shop, Words, Glorious Words! I enjoyed creating this shop with my multi-talented husband, Jason Katz.

I also offer a steady stream of inspirational quote badges via social media. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest so you can get in on the action.

Instruction For The Motivated

I have been teaching and coaching writers for over 15 years. I have privately helped hundreds of writers go from totally unpublished and unknown to published, known, and consistently successful. Through multiple outlets, I have had an impact on the careers of thousands of writers, helping them become more expressive, confident, and successful.

I currently teach comprehensive writing and personal development video classes via my website I also offer online tutorials. Visit my site to learn more about my growing list of video courses. You’ll always find the best discounts in my blog and in my ezine.

Critically Acclaimed Resources

My writing books have been pronounced masterpiece, life-changing, treasure, bible, must-read, and personal trainer for your brain. I have written three books for Writer’s Digest and many ebooks targeting specific interests of writers.

Over the years, I have learned how to cut through the noise and get straight to the real challenges affecting writers. Whether you purchase my books, workbooks or ebooks, you’ll find clear, concise guidance to help you take your writing career to the next level.

Personal Attention

Writers I work with one-on-one learn how to cultivate their unique voice and skill sets, so they can become more consistently successful and make an impact. Of all the services I offer, one-on-one coaching is the most impactful. Writers I work with consistently make major and lasting career strides. Phone consulting is available for writers of every level. The only prerequisite is a desire to grow and succeed.

One-on-one phone coaching by phone can be scheduled or may be combined with reviewing specific writing, so I can offer feedback that helps writers spring from where they are to where they would like to be. I help writers align their strengths, skills, and self-worth by the half-hour or by the hour. Clients who choose monthly one-hour coaching are eligible for ongoing weekly check-ins via email.

Services I Offer Editors

I am a veteran parenting and publishing journalist with articles and essays appearing regularly throughout North America for the past 15 years. My parenting specialties include education, creativity, and practical inspiration and my publishing specialties include article writing, nonfiction ebook writing, and platform development.

Editors often remark on my fresh approach to topics and my willingness to tackle tricky subjects. I try to inspire self-expression, individuality, and confidence in readers every time I write. A creative approach in my writing for all audiences, angles, and ages assists me in coaching aspiring professionals.

Are We A Fit?

Years of consistent focus, effort, and money invested in my career thus far have garnered me widespread respect. I have earned the title of expert because some of the most respected people in the industry agree that I am, as have a steady stream of satisfied students and clients.

If you are a writer looking for a writing coach, there is a very good chance that we are a fit. If you are not sure, I hope you will check out my latest book, The Writer’s Workout to get a sense of the type of advice I offer. Although I work mainly with nonfiction writers, I have assisted fiction writers, children’s writers, and even poets. We are likely an appropriate match, if you are interested in cultivating your voice, craft, and professionalism as you grow your career.

I am interested in working with people who want to be fully expressed individuals pursuing their own work. I do not coach folks aiming to imitate what I do. I work with aspiring writers, not aspiring writing instructors or writing coaches.

My Best Advice

If I were going to give every writer one piece of advice, it would be this: to thine own self be true. Be thoughtful with whom you partner, because every time you join forces, you lend your good name to the other person or organization, and everyone you meet may not have the same commitment to integrity as you.

Do not make the mistake of expecting everyone to be as conscientious as you. The world is full of variety, so continually follow your instincts to make the best choices for your career.

Better and better opportunities are always coming your way. If you trust this, you won’t settle for less or try to convince yourself that you should. Above all, know the difference between choices that help you grow vs. offers that are merely flattering or convenient.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a writer, a teacher, and a friend, who cares about creative growth and individual self-expression. I am proud to say that I have been a good role model to many.

I look forward to more years of working with eager, motivated creatives. I hope you will be one of them. I hope to inspire you to become your most expressive, joyful self, as well as the skilled professional you have the potential to become.

I am a veteran journalist, author and coach with over a decade and a half of experience and a wealth of techniques to share. I am focused on making the world a saner, more expressive place. I help folks become more creative for personal enjoyment, professional development and transformational growth. Whether you are a professional creative or hope to become one some day, I can help you embrace your personal strengths, explore your creative possibilities, and evolve incrementally into your most inspiring self. If you are ready to achieve creative consistency in your life and career, email me about monthly coaching calls. To learn more about increasing your creative confidence, please check out my online school. Stay tuned for ways to save money by becoming a Beta User for my next new course by subscribing to The Prosperous Creative. And don’t forget to get these blog posts delivered to your inbox, so you never miss a post. If you appreciate my work—school, products, blog and social media posts—you are welcome to make a contribution of any size at any time. Thank you for your support!