10 Ways To Balk As A Nonfiction Writer & 1 Way To Thrive

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I’ve been working with writers for many years as a teacher and coach, so I’ve had lots of opportunities to notice the difference between writers who succeed and writers who stall.

Here’s a countdown of ten ways nonfiction writers stay blocked:

10. Be self-conscious

9. Worry about what editors will think of you and your writing

8. Never do research

7. Overthink every idea

6. Have no target reader

5. Ignore forms

4. Spend so much time on research that you have no time left to write

3. Tell yourself nonfiction writing isn’t real writing

2. Talk to yourself instead of to the reader

1. Wait for someone to validate you before you write again

Or you can take my Become An Idea Factory Course and break out of all of these ruts by doing one simple thing: learning to trust your instincts.

I want you to be the writer you were born to become. And nonfiction writing should definitely be a part of your repertoire.

How do you get there?

You write your way there. And then success will follow naturally.

Hope you can join us for Become An Article Idea Factory! It’s where the writing writers are.


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