Are You Ever So Grateful That You Feel Like You Might Burst?

by @thewritermama on August 28, 2011 · 2 comments

I’ve been feeling really grateful lately towards all of the folks who have helped me with my writing career thus far.

I can’t thank them all here because there are an awful lot of them (the proof is right here).

But I can thank them categorically, at least.

I need to do something with all of this gratitude I am feeling.

Thanks to…

  • My husband and daughter
  • My students
  • My writer buddies (in real life and online)
  • My mentors and teachers
  • My editors
  • My parents and family
  • My readers
  • The folks who help with and attend the Northwest Author Series
  • The folks who inspire me over at our Writers on the Move FB group
  • Writer’s Digest folks
  • Jane Friedman
  • Amazing women writers past and present
  • Fellow author mamas
  • Our pets
  • And everyone who has touched my life in any kind of inspiring way over the past twenty years while I’ve been building a writing career from the inside-out

I really appreciate you. Thank you for every little act of generosity.

I feel like this is going to be a really awesome school year.

I cannot wait for it to get started…

~ Photo by mtsofan

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