BBGMBC Discussion Question #5 for Are You My Mother? By Alison Bechdel

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The Beyond Busy Global Book Club discusses this book from June 4th – June 10th 2012, Join the discussion any time!
Today, June 8th , we continue the discussion questions for the Beyond Busy Global Monthly Book Club. We just finished reading Alison Bechdel’s Are You My Mother? A Comic Drama and now we will spend seven days discussing the book.
Anyone who has read the book can participate by commenting. You can also join our public BBGMBC Facebook group, if you would like to join us in reading one excellent quality book per month and then discussing it here.

Are You My Mother? A Comic Drama is written and illustrated by Alison Bechdel and published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2012.

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Yesterday I had a bone to pick with Alison Bechdel. Today, I want to sing her praises. Want to help me?

Here is a short list of things I really found delightful about the book:

The cover: awesome! Love how it’s the companion to the earlier Fun Home cover.

The artwork, by Bechdel herself, is amazing. I mean think about it all you writers out there: not only does Bechdel write these books, she illustrates every single pane too. Incredible!

The images of Bechdel herself. For some reason I am really taken with the way Bechdel portrays herself artistically in Are You My Mother? I thought she did a really fine job. It seems to me that the sheer variety of images would have been daunting to any artist.

The universal moments in the book that often exist between mothers and daughters, or at least that I could relate to, like her mother’s makeup table, the difficulty of witnessing her mother’s strong emotion, painful moments for her between the two of them, and the constant comparison and contrast of mother vs. daughter, whether it was coming from Alison’s point of view or her mothers.

I liked how this was so clearly a story about an individual mother and an individual daughter, and yet how specific their stories were, while at the same time there were so many universal stories being played out between them.

What did you think?

While you are thinking, be sure to purchase Fun Home to read when you can!

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