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Creative Every Day: Don’t Hassle The Lions

We often hear about the power of attention. But creatives need to make better use of the power of inattention.

The power of inattention is especially helpful in dealing with lions, either your lions or the lions of others.

Lions are animals that roar. They are full of pride, however, are easily hurt. Lions can be drama queens. They can exaggerate to the point of hyperbole. They can also hunt, chase, and kill.

So here’s what you need to do with lions: ignore them. They probably will not go away but they will probably ignore you right back.

If you focus on the fact that you are surrounded by lions, it’s going to freak you out. You will become immobilized with fear, and it’s hard to create when you are frozen stiff.

So, see the lions. Acknowledge that they are there. Do not pet the lions. Do not try and flatter the lions. Above all, do not hassle the lions.

Because that would just be foolish.

Instead, take your attention and direct it away from the lions and back towards what you are supposed to be focusing on. Put your full attention into what you are creating.

The lions will be so bored they will go to sleep up on the rock ledges in the sun.

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