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Creative (Almost) Every Day: Embrace The Process

Something cool is happening around here, intensified perhaps by the recent full moon and spring equinox: I’m going deeper into my work.

Seems like this would normally be the time of year to get out there and mingle, but I am at a point in my book writing process where I need and want to do the opposite.

I’m combing through my manuscript, making sure every idea is sharp and helpful. Cutting out the excess and letting what is left have some room to breathe.

And it feels great. I love the point in the writing process where the track has been put down and the work starts to dictate what is needed where.

Of course, my editor flags me too. Yo0-hoo! calls the little notations in the margin. Do you need an example here? Isn’t this phrase redundant?

She is usually right. The draft is far from perfect and we’re not aiming for perfect yet. What I am striving for next is the best the manuscript can be for what it is and what we hope it will accomplish.

I am enjoying the editing process a lot more than I did on the last two books. Probably because this book is the size of both of my previous books put together, so I know editing is going to be a longer, more intensive process.

Spring has sprung but I will spend most of staring into my computer adding, culling and tweaking. And this is just fine with me. The world isn’t going anywhere. And I’m allowed to prioritize as I see fit.

Isn’t this how everyone thinks?

Happy Spring!

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  • Judy March 22, 2011, 12:58 am

    Funny… I feel like I’m sinking deeper into mine and enjoying and trsuting in the porcess as it unfolds, too. šŸ™‚