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Da Rules: The Writer Mama Every-Day-In-May Book Giveaway

Please read these rules before you start participating in the giveaway:

The giveaway starts at 12:01 a.m. on May 1, 2011 and runs through midnight on May 30, 2011. I will be offering at least one new prize each day (some days more than one!).

1. You must comment to the post that describes the daily prize(s) you want to win, in order to be entered into the drawing for that day. No exceptions. Please be sure to comment to the correct post. The comment link is located just under the post title. Your comment will be posted after it is approved (usually within a few hours after you post…unless I am sleeping, in which case give me a little extra time).

2. You may comment only once per day on the Giveaway posts (and therefore be entered to win once per day). And you are welcome to comment every day. If you make a spelling or grammatical error in your post, just let it go. Don’t comment twice to correct it. Winners are selected by random drawing, and don’t worry, a typo will not eliminate you. 🙂

3. All comments must answer the question of the day, which will be posted at the end of each post each day. In other words, no drive-by commenting, like, “I want to win!” All questions will relate to discovering more about ourselves as writers. Answering the questions will only take a few moments out of your busy day, so thanks for being thoughtful. Your post must be between 50-200 words or it will not be approved. (Use Word Count in Microsoft Word if you want to be sure you have enough words. Some people have put all of their responses in a Word file so they could keep them for themselves, and you are welcome to do this. Just copy and paste in each response for each day when you are through.) However, you will not be able to win by commenting anywhere other than in this blog, so don’t forget to cut and paste, if that’s how you roll.

4. Comment to win beginning on May 1st at 00:01 a.m. PST and continue to comment each day for 30 days for maximum chances to win. Each day’s drawing closes at midnight (12:00) PST. Please note that I am on Pacific Standard Time, not Eastern Standard time. The winner is chosen by random drawing the next day. There is no set time for the drawing, because I’m here, I’m there, I’m everywhere. So, stay tuned! I’ll get it up there as soon as I can each day.

5. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of your item. Prizes will only be shipped to United States locations. You may participate if you live abroad and have your own US mailing address. And yes, sure, if you have a friend who loves you so much that he/she is willing to ship your books from the US to you elsewhere in the world, that is fine, too. I can send the books “care of.” Please provide a “care of” name, if you want to go this route. Naturally, if there is double-shipping involved, expect to wait longer for your book.

6. There is only one way to win (in the past, there used to be two ways, but I’m going with one this time) and that’s by winning a copy of a book. You may be selected as the day’s winner through a random drawing held from the pool of folks who comment for the listed items each day during May. Only posts that answer the day’s question will be considered. Your post must be between 50-200 words or it will not be part of those in the running to win.

7. Thanks for keeping things jolly. Everyone involved is a volunteer including me. Please be patient while waiting for your book. If two weeks have passed since your winning date and you still do not have it, please e-mail me and I will follow-up with your author.

Thanks for spreading the word about The Writer Mama Every-Day-In-May Book Giveaway! If it’s anything like year’s past, it’s going to be a ton of fun!

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  • Carole Mertz May 19, 2011, 6:53 pm

    My three words, voracious—thoughtful—slow describe my current progress.
    I am becoming more voracious in reading all things literal. I had a career in music which was exciting and rewarding. But those hours spent practicing pianistic skill did not leave me free to read. However those hours did allow me to develop persistence, and a sense of the spirituality of esthetical things. These things I have now transferred into my writing. I am willing to write only what is meaningful to me and what I hope is meaningful to others.
    Creating meaningful sentences requires thought. And thoughtfulness requires time. I may be the slowest writer on the planet. In spite of this, I have produced 15 devotions of which 900,000 copies were published. I have also published two short stories and one review this year.
    Writing slowly has helped me to improve. It is my current antidote to the “fools rush in” side of my personality.
    Submitted on May 19, 2011 by Carole Mertz at 4410 Dawnshire Dr., Parma, OH 44134

  • Voca May 23, 2011, 12:53 am

    Self-publishing is an area in which I am poorly informed. In the past I would never have considered it. However, the publishing world is changing. Now I would consider self-publishing a short work, a chapbook, or a small collection of essays. I feel the publicity I could gain by having a novel published by a large or small publishing house would be wider than if I self-published. Thank you for forcing my thoughts to the surface, Christina.

  • Voca May 23, 2011, 3:46 pm

    I am taking the reins of my writing career by taking a course and by keeping things organized around my desk area. The first is important. I am convinced the second is equally so. I am not a packrat,  but my how those papers do accumulate! Sometimes writing takes third place after learning and organizing papers. I fight against that daily, trying to keep writing in first place.

  • Voca May 25, 2011, 9:58 pm

    Determination means being willing to sacrifice certain activities or aspects of myself in order to complete a writing project, while, at the same time, maintaining loyalty to my principles and to my family’s needs. For example, I may want to go to the ballgame, but with a deadline looming, I will forego the game and sit at my desk. Or, I may have to sacrifice pride in wanting to write my piece more perfectly. I may have to say to myself. This is done as well as I can, to this date.  But other projects are waiting, I must force myself to move on.