December Writing Challenges With Christina Katz Begin Monday, December 1st

by @thewritermama on November 28, 2014

Wow. It’s hard to believe that my writing challenges have been going strong now for almost two years now.

I guess one reason is because I continue to get feedback like this glowing review for my article writing challenge:

Christina Katz has outdone herself again! Taking this article writing challenge has given me a bank of article outlines to begin the New Year and a way to keep on creating more and more when I get to the end of my current list. I highly recommend it for the writer dry of ideas, needing some sort of method to keep her inventory supplied, or just starting out and learning how to create ideas for herself. ~ Carol A.

Creating tools that help writers succeed in ways that are meaningful to everyone involved is what makes my writing career tick.

I know that writers have doubts and challenges some writers face every day. My goal is to help writers get past any immediate hurdles and get to the most enjoyable job of writing.

For writers, writing does not fill only one or two needs. For those of us who love to write, creating fills many needs. And the process is just as valuable as the product.

Everything I offer reflects my holistic attitude about writing, writers, and the writing life. I hope that you will make good use of my inexpensive, helpful tools and resources for writers in 2015.

Start Date Change For All Challenges

All of my writing and freelance challenges will begin on the first Monday after the first of the month.

Therefore, the December 2014 challenges will begin on Monday, December 1st at 12:15 am because this is the first Monday of the month.

ALL challenges that I administrate (21 Moments and all of my Freelance Writing Challenges) will start on the first Monday of each month from now on. They will no longer begin on the 1st of the month, unless the first happens to fall on a Monday. (This is the case for December 2014.)

Remember, instead of every challenge starting on the first, every challenge will begin on the first Monday and then run for 21 or 20 days thereafter.

The Last Day To Register For Challenges Will Be the Sunday Prior To The Start Date By 9 pm

So, for example, you have until this Sunday at 9 pm to register for the first three rounds of 21 Moments and all four of my Freelance Writing Challenges.

All Of My Challenges Run 12 Months Out Of The Year Starting In January 2015

Now that I have the start dates and the administration for challenges under better control, I can run them all year-long rather than just certain months. This means, I will offer my challenges during December and over the summer from here on out.


A Couple Suggestions

Please note, I do not recommend taking more than one challenge at the same time.

My suggestion is to take one challenge per month to help you pace out your writing career progress.

If you have not taken a challenge in a while, register now for a creative boost that will help you become more prolific and successful in the long run!

And always remember to provide me with your e-mail address if it is different from your Paypal e-mail.

Thank you! And thank you for all of your suggestions over the past two years that I have been offering challenges.

In December 2014, you can sign up for the following challenges

Receive 21 excellent examples of great writing in your inbox daily for 21 days. Click on the badge to learn more and register:

 Receive 21 more excellent examples of great writing in your inbox daily for 21 days:

 Receive 21 more excellent examples of great writing in your inbox daily for 21 days:

Anyone who is looking to become a more facile and joyful parenting article writer should take my Article Writing Challenge.

Christina Katz Freelance Article Writing Challenge For Parenting Writers

Anyone who is looking to become a more thoughtful and skillful parenting essay writer should take my Essay Writing Challenge.

Christina Katz Essay Writing Challenge

Anyone who is looking to become a more thoughtful rewriter and polisher of her own words should take my Grammar & Punctuation Challenge.

Christina Katz Grammar & Punctuation Challenge

Anyone who is looking to become more brave about selling work should sign up for my Sell Your Writing Challenge.

SellYourWritingChallenge copy

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