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Do You Remember Richard Scarry Books? Then Check Out My Etsy Shop!

RICHARD SCARRY MOUSE Rare Plush Plastic Car Vintage Excellent Condition 1992 Collector Item Nostalgic Collectible Sturdy One Piece The Toy Works Made in USAWho has fond memories of Richard Scarry books? I do!

When I saw this collectible mouse driving pencil car from Busy Busy World and other Richard Scary illustrations, I had to get it for my Etsy Shop.

If you are a toy collector or you know any collectors who might love this stuffed and plastic toy in excellent condition, send them on over to my Etsy shop, BlissCraftLife.

This stuffed and plastic toy is a rare find. I scooped him up at a collector’s estate sale. He just makes my heart happy. I know he will make someone else’s heart happy, too.

Christina Katz is a member of a creative family, where each person is encouraged to be authentic and expressive. She firmly believes that evolving people make the world a better place. Learn more about her on Etsy or Instagram.

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