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Three Cheers For Vintage! I Am An Etsy Star Seller And I Have A Local Retail Space


I really love thrifting. Even if you have known me for a while, you may not know how much I enjoy thrifting. Not shocking, I know, considering how many folks like saving money and preserving the planet by buying used items versus new.

In the past, thrifting has been a hobby — something we have done on family outings. We have especially enjoyed going to new-to-us towns and checking out the vintage and thrift shops. It’s just something we naturally gravitate towards doing. We are creative types and we love visual input and interesting objects. Thrifting almost always involves happy surprises.

I love learning and I am always learning something new whether I share about it or not. There is a lot to learn about thrifting and I live in a area where opportunities are plentiful. I already have an Etsy shop. I originally used it to create and sell digital posters. A few years ago, I started adding some of my dried florals. Then this year, I decided to declutter our empty nest and added a few vintage items to my shop. It’s been fun and a good creative outlet, and after doing it for a little while, I went out and got a space in a local thrift marketplace. I’ve always enjoyed making seasonal vintage and floral vignettes and now I have a fun outlet for those projects.

Along the way, I am learning and growing. There’s always a lot of trial and error in the beginning of trying new things and I find the key is to not give up too easily. You have to be willing to be bad at things initially. You have to be willing to be an individual, who follows the dance of her own creative spark without copying others. You have to get used to people not understanding why you always seem to be trying new things. You have to trust that non-conformity isn’t something you do to be different; it’s something that happens naturally when you are being yourself.

If you are interested in keeping up with me and what I’m up to, you can follow me here, on Etsy and on Instagram. No doubt I’ll be busy learning new things and sharing about the ups and downs of following my bliss. If we want a better tomorrow, we need more bliss today. Bliss orientation may not always be easy but it’s definitely a habit worth practicing.

Christina Katz is a member of a creative family, where each person is encouraged to be authentic and expressive. She firmly believes that evolving people make the world a better place. Learn more about her on Etsy or Instagram.

Photo by Julien-Pier Belanger on Unsplash

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