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Excited For Fall? Chinese Lantern Decor Is New In My Etsy Shop!

Chinese Lantern Wreath - Physalis Alkekengi

You won’t see this wreath in my shop yet because I am still figuring out how to ship it. But if you love it and you want to order it, email me and we can make it happen. I have an experienced Etsy friend who can help me, so this one-of-a-kind item won’t be damaged.

If you follow me on social media, you know I love seasonal decor.

I LOVE vintage decor, flowers, colors, art, and home organization. I feel like it’s time to make these things a bigger part of my life.

For years, I have kept this pastime a hobby, but this year, it is blossoming into a side business.

I’m pleased to announce the launch of a new branch of my online Etsy store featuring seasonal decor.

Right now the shop is stocked with Chinese Lantern (Physalis Alkekengi) decor in the form of bouquets, mantel spray, and pods. I even have one dried wreath, which is pictured.

I love Chinese Lanterns so much at this time of year! To me, they are the perfect decoration to transition from summer into fall.

Last year’s Chinese Lantern Wreath on the right and this year’s on the left. They age beautifully.

As the days go from bright and sunny to gray and rainy, it’s awesome to have some bright orange in the house. This color can take you all the way through Halloween and even into Thanksgiving.

I have both bright, new Chinese Lanterns and one-year old Chinese Lantern pods in my shop. If you want a more Thanksgiving look, choose the vase filler pods or garlands that are older because those tones say ‘November.’

You can also get the new bright orange stems and pods now, which are perfect to mix with Halloween decor.

Samantha finally gets to fulfill her lifelong dream of being an arm model. (Not really, mostly she kept asking if we were done yet.)

Maybe you’ve never heard the phrase “mantel spray”? That’s because it’s a new term that I made up.

The meaning is bits and bobs of things that can’t make a big decor splash each on their own, but when you put them together on your mantel they look amazing.

I don’t have a mantel because I use a wood stove. If you follow me on social media, you have likely seen my black hutch decorated to match the changing seasons. That’s my mantel.

Stay tuned for more awesome seasonal decor in my Etsy shop! I am having a total blast so far, so there is sure to be more.

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