For The Love Of Lilacs! Read This Post If You Cannot Get Enough Of Them

by @thewritermama on May 2, 2018

Every once in a while I need to write about timely things I love.

One thing I love right now are lilacs.

My lilac bushes are in bloom and our home is filled with vases of lilacs large and small.

Why do I love lilacs so much?

They were not part of my childhood. You know how sometimes you discover something later in life and you are like, where has this been all my life? This was the story of lilacs and me. Our yard had a lilac bush for the first time about ten years ago, and the rest is a deep romance.

Others tell me that lilacs remind them of someone they loved who grew lilacs.

I am always happy to give away some of my lilacs while they are blooming because I always have more than I can use and lilacs are better when shared.

What if you do not have any lilac bushes or your lilacs are not blooming yet?

Here’s an idea. Go over to Instagram and type in the hashtag: #lilac. Watch what happens.

You could scroll all day, right? Unless, you have your own lilac bush, in which case you will probably want to go outside and hug it.

Now try the same thing on Pinterest. You won’t regret it!

With Mother’s Day coming up, you might want to pull together a lilac care package. Here are a few lilac-related products to help you get started:

Mrs. Meyer’s Lilac Products

Lilac Hand Cream (any type)

Nail Polish In Lilac Colors

Lilac Essential Oil

Lilac Body Wash

Lilac Bath Bomb Fizzies

Lilac Blossom Rollon Perfume

Lilac Candle

Lilac Girls, A Novel by Martha Hall Kelly

Lilac lipstick

Lightweight Lilac Shawl

Lilac Tote Bag

Lilac Craft Paper

Embroidered Lilac Pin Brooch

Lilac Stud Earrings

Lilac Necklace

One Dozen Homemade Lilac-decorated Sugar Cookies

Lilac Paintings

It’s spring, so go ahead and surround yourself with lilacs and lilac-related things. You won’t regret it.

I know I don’t!

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