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Getting Lice Sucks! Here Are Some Solutions To Save You Time & Money

Got scalp itch?

I hope it’s not lice. Because getting lice sucks.

We’ve only had lice once as a family, despite the fact that my husband has been teaching in the public school system for many years.

To say those little suckers brought me repeatedly to my knees over the course of several days would be an understatement. I lost my squash every time my latest attempts at delousing failed.

The time, the expense, the laundry! I shed many tears of frustration as over-the-counter solution after over-the-counter solution failed to have any effect whatsoever on the problem.

Even prescription medication from our doctor had no results. (What?)

Were these the supposed ‘super lice’ I’d heard about?

Come to find out, the problem was my response to the situation. Had I conducted more thorough research on the topic — before launching into world war three on all of our heads — the situation would have been over so much sooner and more painlessly.

But I was a good little doobie and I went straight to the local drugstore to look for the most toxic products I could find to nuke those little bastards off our scalps.

That was pretty short-sighted, in retrospect.

Had I been calmer, savvier and better informed, I might have heard about any of these products below. If you are suffering from a dreaded lice infestation, I hope you will find this post before you find yourself on your knees in a lice purging frenzy. Especially since those lice being passed around your community might be back for another visit the moment you are ready to sound the all-clear.

Just remember, when lice come to your town, there IS something you can do. You can use inexpensive, non-toxic products and get the word out to all of your friends and neighbors that powerful products are available that can get lice out of hair and keep it out for good.

Now next time you feel a little itch, you will be ready.

So stock up on these products, folks, and block a lice infestation before it comes to stay. Trust me, you will be so glad you did!

Lice Products I Recommend

Fairy Tales Hair Products. LINK

We used the Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Shampoo and Conditioner LINK with a lice comb LINK and this combination got rid of our lice immediately. Lice can happen to anyone, so we keep these products on hand, and use them if anyone even has one itch. So far, lice have made no repeat performances!

If you have lice, simply wash hair twice with an ample amount of Rosemary Repel Shampoo. Turn off the shower and then use an ample amount of conditioner and leave on for 15 – 20 minutes. During that time, sit on the edge of the tub, run the lice comb through hair from roots to ends, and clean it off under the bath tap between combs. This worked on the first try for us, even after too many products to mention did not. Good luck!

Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb LINK

If you have children in public schools and attending activities, keep one of these lice combs on hand. I tried several types of combs and this type is far and away the best. It’s both effective and pain-free, which is important for folks with long hair. Just take your time and pull the comb through calmly and slowly for best results.

Blow Dry Hair Thoroughly After Cleaning & Delousing LINK

If your family has lice, your blowdryer is your new best friend. Use the above products generously and often and then give hair a good blasting with a hot blowdryer. Help young children, so they don’t burn themselves. But commit to using the blow dryer for a week or so to insure lice and nit-free hair.

Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Shampoo & Conditioner LINK

My husband, who is a teacher, uses these products regularly and perhaps they are the reason why he does not get affected by lice outbreaks (which can happen anytime, anywhere, no one is immune). Also, these products smell minty great and even make your scalp tingle a bit. A great choice for kids in the summertime, whether you are worried about lice or not.

Lice Products Recommended By Others

I have also heard of multiple delousing products recommended by others. Here’s the short list:

Tea Tree Oil LINK

I have heard if you spray this directly on the scalp, it will get the job done. However, many young children do not like the smell and others may experience a burning sensation. So I am apt to recommend products containing tea tree oil rather than the straight-up oil itself. Consider adding a few drops to the shampoo and conditioner you already use as a treatment and deterrent.

Nature’s Gate Tea Tree Oil Shampoo & Conditioner LINK

I have not tried these products but they were recommended in a recent local online discussion thread. Apparently they are carried in grocery stores, and sometimes you just need help fast. So good to know. Let me know in the comments if you have had any luck with these products.

Ladibugs Lice Prevention Kit LINK

I have also not tried these products but they were also recommended in a recent local online discussion thread. Apparently these were developed by school nurses, who were no strangers to the magnitude of the problem. They are made from 96% natural resources, 100% renewable resources, 100% biodegradable, all made in the USA. Let me know in the comments if you have had any luck with these products.


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~ Photo by Ryan McGuire

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