Grow a Writing Career You Will Love: Spring Classes Begin April 11th

by @thewritermama on April 1, 2012

If you are seeking a writing career you will love, I would love to serve as your guide and coach in one of my highly praised, widely respected six-week classes.

A lot of folks go for bells and whistles today. They go heavy on the social pressure. They OD on technology. They want to hurry writers up and get them overloaded with information and tools.

That’s not how I work with writers. It’s also why I can work with anyone, meet them where they are, and help them take their writing career to the next level via my classes and dream teams. I don’t put things in the way, I help my students take things out of the way.

Maybe you have read one of my books. Maybe you have been wanting to take a class with me for a long time but you have just been waiting for the right moment. Maybe you saw me speak and thought you might like to work with me one day.

Working with me is a huge gift to your creative self. It’s a gift because you grant yourself permission to focus on yourself and your own ideas. Focusing on your own ideas is key because this is where everything else in your writing career comes from. Nothing else can happen until you create a context within yourself where you can court and woo your own ideas into something greater.

Nurturing ideas is a key part of my writing classes, my platform development classes, my query writing classes, and my eBook classes.

Of course, having an idea is only the beginning of a writing journey. Sometimes a writing journey is a long journey and sometimes it’s a comparatively short journey, but it’s always an experience involving ups and downs, challenges and breakthroughs, and determination and letting go. There is no way around the sheer hard work of nurturing a writing career.

And that’s where I come in. I can’t nurture your writing career for you, but I can assist you in nurturing it. I can validate your urge to do so by helping you get to work and grow your writing career in ways that make sense to you. Every skill I teach is a career-long skill that will keep benefiting you no matter what you write.

And you know what? Creative growth is a great feeling. And the world is full of creative opportunities right now despite the droning on of the naysayers’ chorus.

What those people are really saying, when they say, “Don’t create, because you’ll never succeed,” is not about you. It’s about them. They are saying, “I am blocked and I want you to be blocked with me.” They are saying, “Don’t create because if you succeed, then I am wrong.” They are saying, “If you succeed while I fan the flames of my fears, then I will end up frustrated and jealous.”

And they will be. And so what if they are? It’s not your problem.

While they are creating a portfolio of grievances, you can create a portfolio of small accomplishments. And those small accomplishments will begin to pile up over time.

You can create. And succeed. And it is not a reflection on anyone but you.

This is why I say, naysayers be damned. I am going to keep creating and keep working with those who love to create. And we’re going to keep succeeding without giving a rip what all the naysayers think.

We have a pretty good time, working hard, believe it or not. We’re a pretty satisfied bunch, so long as we are creating. We create a whole world of possibilities that never existed before we came along and that’s pretty exciting every time.

So, if you want to get creative, stop tangling yourself up with naysayers and do your darn work. You don’t have to change them or save them. Just save yourself. Take a step forward. Focus on creative productivity for six weeks rather than dissipated distraction and you just might amaze yourself.

Classes begin on April 11th and 12th and I’ll be teaching them. I’ve been teaching them for ten years.

I hope you will join us! Please visit my classes page to learn more about the following classes that begin in ten days:

Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff

Discover Your Specialty & Launch Your Platform

Pitching Practice: Write Six Queries in Six Weeks

Micro-publishing for Mom Writers

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