Important Update: Become Your Own Writing Coach & Multiply Your Productivity x 10

by @thewritermama on September 16, 2015 · 1 comment

This is a reboot of my Monthly Writing Accountability Dream Team. New name, updated structure & more benefits!

Would you like to multiply your writing productivity by ten, while still keeping your focus on the joy of the creative process?

Then you will love my newly updated monthly coaching video and tools, which are now called Become Your Own Writing Coach.


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Your FAQs Answered:

Does this mean you won’t be doing the Writing Accountability Dream Team any longer?
The Writing Accountability Dream Team has become Become Your Own Writing Coach. So, if you were already signed up, you don’t have to do anything. You will automatically get all the new features starting with the October video on  Tuesday, October 6th by nooon. The video always goes out the first Tuesday by noon.

Why is Become Your Own Writing Coach better than the Writing Accountability Dream Team?
I’ve reconfigured the goal-setting worksheets to increase productivity even more and added ten seasonal tips per month in addition to what will now be a ten-minute video pep talk.

What types of writers should sign up for this?
Any types of writers who set goals or who want to increase their productivity will benefit from these tools and resources. That goes for nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and screenwriters. You customize your goals to suit your needs and dreams.

I’ve never done a subscription with Paypal before. How does it work?
Subscriptions on Paypal are simple and you are always in control. Once you sign up, you will be charged a $10 fee. You will then be charged that same amount, $10, every month on the same date as the date you signed up. So if you sign up on the 18th, you will be charged $10 per month on the 18th of every month. Just as you can sign up at any time, you can cancel at any time. So try the monthly program and see if you like it. And if you don’t like it, simply unsubscribe.

Why did you change the name and the features?
As I have been creating the videos and worksheets over the past four months, my thinking has evolved and I want the title and the structure to reflect that. The idea of becoming your own writing coach is crucial to blazing your own path in what has become a very confusing publishing world. You don’t need to imitate others, and I want to actively encourage writers to stop doing that. Everything in your life goes so much better when you learn how to be kind and encouraging to yourself. Goal-setting can be a natural extension of this, as can productivity. I’ll show you how to become your own writing coach in these monthly sessions, which will build on each other over time.

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