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by @thewritermama on September 8, 2015

Become An Article Idea Factory & Prosper Professionally10 Ways To Write More Prolifically So You Can Create Nonfiction Content That Delights Editors And Readers

Have you always wanted to become a more prolific writer, so you could compete with journalists who have years of professional experience?

Well now you can leverage your creativity to become a nonfiction article idea factory, even if you have very little writing experience!

In this course, I cover how to warm-up to write, brainstorm ideas, and draft articles quickly and creatively, so you will be the inspired writer who delivers articles that stand out in an editor’s inbox.

In this course you will learn:

  • How To Simplify Article-writing Success
  • The Cure For Editor-phobia
  • Warm-up Exercises That Amplify Your Creative Output
  • 10 Playful Approaches For Drafting Any Idea
  • How To Increase Article Sales By Adding Sidebars
  • 155 Article Title Ticklers
  • How To Match Your Article-writing Strengths With Editorial Needs

This course will awaken your natural writing instincts and teach you to write quickly and gamely instead of agonizing over every word. Best of all, every time you write, you will remember why you wanted to become a writer in the first place.

And if you suffer from a fear of editors, the inertia of not being able to get started, or the crippling blocks of self-doubt, this course will cure you for good. Writers who take this course go from, “I don’t know how they write like that,” to “Hey, I’m doing it, too!”

Are you ready to learn how you can turn one idea into ten different types of articles without stress or strain? Then jump into this course, which includes:

  • 40+ minutes of video coaching
  • 30+ pages of instructional worksheets
  • Just enough structure to encourage your ideas to flow swiftly into articles
  • Tips and tricks from a veteran article writer
  • Methods that help you adopt helpful writing habits
  • Visual inspiration in the form of published articles

This writing class is helpful for both beginning writers who have taken The Art Of Short Article Writing For Nonfiction Writers as well as for experienced freelancers with any amount of prior experience.

This class is perfect for moms who want to write from home, as well as anyone with an eye on writing for national and online markets. Bloggers who want to write articles and copywriters who want to dazzle their clients may also enjoy this course.

Once you take this class and practice the techniques, your best ideas will start finding you. If you had ever thought about writing a book someday, but need help finding your topic and generating enough material, this class can get you started.

So many people want to write nonfiction articles, but once they get started, they feel daunted by their busy schedules and pressing responsibilities. How can they compete with seasoned professionals and still enjoy their lives?

The answer is by learning to be a writer who knows how to turn a spark of inspiration into a fully formed nonfiction article. After these writing techniques become habits, you will be amazed by how easy it is to identify and compose saleable articles. And you’ll be the rare writer, who has fun doing it.

For over fourteen years, writing coach and platform expert Christina Katz has been teaching writers of all levels how to cultivate and build an ever-expanding body of profitable work. After taking this class, you will tap into creative writing power you did not even know you possessed. And you will know how to use it!

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