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Photo by Joshua Sortino

Photo by Joshua Sortino

I specialize in teaching writers thing they need to know that are often missed or overlooked.

That’s why you get such a big bang for your buck when you sign up for my monthly writing and creativity challenges.

I will only be offering these challenges via email for two more months including this one.

In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy an inexpensive, educational monthly challenge with me. I consider my challenges to be some of the greatest gems of all of my offerings over the past 14 years. Don’t miss your last few chances to take one!

I’ve posted some of the response to my challenges below, and I want to encourage you to take them before they are gone.

Learn more by clicking on each badge and sign up by 9 pm PT on Monday, May 4th.

Hope to work with you!

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Unwrap Your Creative Gifts Challenge With Christina Katz

Receive 21 excellent examples of great writing in your inbox daily for 21 days. Click on the badge to learn more and register:

Anyone who is looking to become a more facile and joyful parenting article writer should take my Article Writing Challenge.

Christina Katz Freelance Article Writing Challenge For Parenting Writers

Anyone who is looking to become a more thoughtful and skillful parenting essay writer should take my Essay Writing Challenge.

Christina Katz Essay Writing Challenge

Anyone who is looking to become a more thoughtful re-writer and polisher of her own words should take my Grammar & Punctuation Challenge.

Christina Katz Grammar & Punctuation Challenge

Anyone who is looking to become more brave about selling work should sign up for my Sell Your Writing Challenge.

SellYourWritingChallenge copy

The Article Challenge is a great way to help develop daily brainstorming routine. It also helped me to get going with outlining ideas so they can be fleshed out later.  ~ S. Yale

Christina’s Unwrap Your Creative Gifts Challenge jolted me out of the doldrums in terms of my writing and inspired me to start moving in new directions.  ~ E. Giles

Taking this article writing challenge has given me a bank of article outlines to begin the new year and a way to keep on creating more and more when I get to the end of my current list. I highly recommend it for the writer dry of ideas, needing some sort of method to keep her inventory supplied, or just starting out and learning how to create ideas for herself. The best $20 I’ve spent to further my career.  ~ C. Alexander

During 21 Moments I discovered ideas for many intriguing subjects I wanted to write about that had not occurred to me prior.​ An excellent kickstarter to writing for pleasure as well as potential profit.  ~ M. Clair

Once again Christina has aimed her arrow and hit the bull’s-eye with a useful daily challenge. The Grammar & Punctuation challenge helped me efficiently revise current article drafts, keep an eye on tricky punctuation mistakes I shouldn’t be making, and hone my word choice and sentence structure. Writers can expect this challenge to be an effective continuing education tool to help them improve their overall writing.  ~ R. Franz

I like taking online writing classes or workshops, but by far I got the most writing out of 21 Moments. It really clicked with me, that a moment is just a segment of time. Since I don’t have a lot of time due to my day job and other commitments, doing the moments really fit into my schedule.  ~ J. Huspek

The Creativity Challenge is the best challenge yet! Very powerful!  ~ K. Chapple


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