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My Essay As Part of Robert Lee Brewer’s Life-Changing Moments Series

I have a lot of essays that I would like to write and I have been thinking that this might be a good year to write them. But you know how busy I can get and how I  love to keep all my plates spinning, spinning, spinning.

So I was thrilled (and a little intimidated) when Robert Lee Brewer asked me to write an essay for his Life-Changing Moments Series.

I was thrilled because I am a person who needs a deadline. But I was nervous because my readers do not know much about my personal history.

Life. It’s a pretty long story, right? Where to start?

Robert helped me by asking for something specific: a life-changing moment. This is one of mine. I went straight to the top of my life-changing moment list.

I’d love to hear your response to my first essay attempt in a very long time.

Thanks for reading. I know you have to keep your plates spinning, too. 🙂

Like most people, I have had many life-changing moments. But probably the biggest was the time I was not sure I could go on living. My despair wasn’t sparked by the loss of a job, a dramatic breakup, or a major humiliation, although, I’ve had my fair share of those. My life-changing moment occurred in a high-rise apartment building community room in Chicago in the fall of 1996, where I was attending a small, all-day meditation workshop.

Read the rest over at Robert Lee Brewer’s My Name Is Not Bob blog…

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