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Next Round of Classes Begins May 4th & Introducing A New Micro-Publishing Class For Mom Writers

I have often said that there has never been a better time to be a writer. And now that Spring is here again, I think we can all feel it. Can you feel it?

If you can’t, then get in the game. After all, your writing career can’t find its stride unless you invest time and energy into it.

My students do just that. They write, sell their work, get published, accumulate successes, grow their body of work, build their platforms, and grow their careers over time. And when they stick with it,  concentrate on finding and leveraging their strengths, and continually expand their skills, the experience is continually empowering.

Sure, it takes time to grow a writing career. It took me time, and I have never seen anything lasting created overnight. But the road is a lot straighter and smoother when you have help along the way.

My classes are intentionally inexpensive so you can apply what you’ve learned without breaking your budget. However, the price is going up slightly on all classes starting in August, so this is the last time you can get in on these classes at these prices.

I always enjoy working with new and returning students. I am patient. I am consistent. And I am in it for your writing career growth. You can hear what some of my long-term students have to say about working with me here and about specific classes below.

All of these classes begin May 4th, except Micro-Publishing for Mom Writers, which begins on August 24th. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you soon.

Writing & Publishing The Short Stuff (Especially For Moms)

Christina teaches as a wise friend of the new writer; encouraging through little steps, nudging the timid along, leaving each student thinking, “Gee, I really am a writer!” ~ Johannah B.

The WPSS workshop provided me with confidence, commitment and camaraderie. It was just what I needed to get myself to take the leap of submitting my work to publications. ~ Liz S.

As a busy mom trying to break into freelance writing with four little kids running around, Christina’s course was exactly what I needed! The feedback was great and the classroom atmosphere kept me on track. I’ll definitely be applying her lessons for years to come!” ~ Jennifer A.

Busy moms, are you longing to break into a career as a freelance writer? If so, I highly recommend Writing & Publishing the Short Stuff with Christina Katz. You will learn how to earn money writing fillers and short articles, how to research markets, and how to write cover letters, all while polishing your writing skills. The class is fun, and Christina is encouraging, thorough, and professional. Do something for yourself and invest in your dream! ~ Caroline Y.

There are people out there who “get” the writer stuff, and people who “get” the mama stuff. But to have somebody who understands both is priceless. ~ Jennifer H.

Learn more about WPSS

Discover Your Specialty & Launch Your Platform

In an uncertain publishing environment, platform has never been more important for writers. I’m so thankful to Christina for providing me with an opportunity to strategize and for helping me come up with a workable platform plan. ~ Sharon V.

Christina is a real, honest-to-goodness teacher. When I wasn’t working to my ability, she noticed, demanded more, and gave me the tools to succeed. Nobody ever gets where they’re going without a great teacher. Christina helped me find my wings. ~ Lynne S.

Christina’s course material and feedback inspire clarity and prompt action. ~ Dylan K.

Christina Katz’ Discover Your Specialty & Launch Your Platform class was a combination of therapy and boot camp. She forced me to dig deep and deeper yet, to discover what motivates and inspires me to write. ~ Sandra F.

Christina’s class will put you on an intense journey of self discovery, and the process is fun and helpful. I highly recommend this class to any writer interested in developing the business end of her craft. ~ Brit S.

I found this class to be much more than I expected. Don’t sign up unless you have plenty of time to devote to it (not to mention paper and ink!) because you will not want to waste the opportunity to have Christina help you find, develop, or fine tune your image and point you in the right direction. ~ Carol A.

Learn more about DYS-LYP

Personal Essays That Get Published: Level 2

PETGP 2 was an engaging and fast-paced class that really helped to take my personal essay writing to the next level. Armed with first-hand experience and knowledge from the trenches of the personal essay writing field, Abby leads class participants on an adventure. The balance of finely tuned assignments and class readings help trim the flab from your writing and allow you to express the universal themes that emerge from your stories. ~ Krysty K.

Having found my voice some time ago, I appreciate how Abby pushes me (far) outside of my defined style and explore other styles of expression. Her material is challenging, her remarks insightful.  I am a more refined writer due to her guidance. ~ Rebecca S.

These classes inspired me and gave me confidence to continue the effort. Both Class 1 and Class 2 clarified how to approach the writing and submission of the personal essay style of writing. ~ Cheryl S.

Learn more about PETGP2

And Introducing: Micro-Publishing for Mom Writers

This brand new class start in August. See the course description for details.

Feel free to contact me at “katzchristina at comcast dot net” with any questions you might have.

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  • Mindi Anderson April 3, 2011, 8:15 pm

    Thanks for sharing all these testimonials. You are serving the writing community with your numerous outlets, classes, and books. Your positive attitude instills confidence in us fledgling writers. 🙂