On Sale Until January 31st: My Build Your Author Platform Workbook

by @thewritermama on January 26, 2012

Your author platform is as totally unique as this snowflake.

This is a special offer I made to my newsletter subscribers earlier this month and now I’m making it available to all, but only until January 31st.

You don’t need to spend a small fortune to cultivate your author platform, but you do need to think like an author. An author is the composer of a literary work or works, and platform development can and should begin long before a writer is ready for authorhood.

Most writers who are producing regular writing are ready to start thinking about their platforms. But often writers don’t realize that platform development is just as creative and synergistic as writing itself. In other words, you can enjoy creating, developing, and expanding your platform, just as much as you enjoy the rest of your writing career. In the long run, no two author platforms look alike.

I am all about teaching writers to understand their strengths and put them at the center of their writing careers. I teach writers how to discover their strengths and let their strengths lead. This dramatically simplifies the platform development process and puts you, the writer, in charge of the platform growth process.

Don’t give your writing career away. There are no funnels, no systems, no formulas involved in the way I teach platform. The way I teach platform it begins and ends with you. You don’t need me to have a successful platform…you need you.

The Build Your Author Platform Workbook was featured as a self-study course in the September 2011 Build Your Platform Premium Kit from Writer’s Digest, so you know it’s high quality. On January 1st the right to the material reverted back to me.

Now I can offer this 8-week workbook to you for only $29.99. The price will return to $39.99 on February 1st, so order now!

Learn more about the Build Your Author Platform Workbook here.

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