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Platform Bingo Begins On Sunday, Now With Two Levels

Round one of Platform Bingo was a success!

I can’t wait to do it again. And this time, I am offering a second level alongside level one.

So those who completed level one can take level two. And so it will go until we get through all three levels I have planned.

Some of the results for Platform Bingo, Level One are in already and folks loved it!

Not only did they enjoy it, it changed the way they think about themselves and their platforms. And they are presenting themselves to the world differently already as a result of taking Platform Bingo, Level One.

This new way of thinking about platform is what producing yourself as a writing professional in the new millenium is all about.

So if you want to be discovered, discover yourself first with Platform Bingo, Level One. It’s a small commitment to make for big results in just 25 days.

And then come back again for Platform Bingo, Level Two and discover all the ways you can apply your strengths and explore your platform possibilities.

Hope to see you in Level One or Two beginning Sunday, September 15th.

That’s this weekend. So please register now. Don’t delay.

Hope to work with you!

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