Thanks Again To All Of Our Giveaway Authors, Participants & Winners From May!

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May 1st: Claire Cook gave away a copy of Wallflower in Bloom

Congrats, Diane!

May 2nd: Kelly James-Enger gave away Writer For Hire (nonfiction, how-to) and an extra bonus The Honesty Index (fiction, ebook)

Congrats, L’Tanya!

May 3rd: Katie Davis gave away Little Chicken’s Big Day (children’s) and an extra bonus: How To Promote Your Children’s Book (nonfiction, how-to, ebook)

Congrats, Deb of WriterUp!

May 4th: Kate Hopper gave away a copy of Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers (nonfiction, how-to)

Congrats, Sara!

May 5th: Erica Bauermeister gave away Joy For Beginners (fiction)

Congrats, Mercedes!

May 6th: Judy M. Miller gave away What To Expect From Your Adopted Tween (nonfiction, ebook)

Congrats, Mar Junge!

May 7th: KC Klein gave away Dark Future (fiction, dark, futuristic)

Congrats, ML Gomes!

May 8th: Pamela Smith Hill gave away a copy of Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Writer’s Life (biography)

Congrats, Carol Busch!

May 9th: Ericka Lutz is giving away The Edge of Maybe (novel)

Congrats, Barbara McDowell Whitt!

May 10th: Malia Jacobson gave away Ready, Set, Sleep: 50 Ways To Help Your Child Sleep So You Can Sleep Too (e-book)

Congrats, Heather L. Lee!

May 11th: Jessica Paige Morrell gave away a copy of Thanks, But This Isn’t for Us: A (Sort of) Compassionate Guide to Why Your Writing is Being Rejected (nonfiction, how-to)

Congrats, Cara Holman!


Congrats, Beth Fornauf!

May 12th: Cindy Hudson gave away Mother-Daughter Book Club Meeting Planner Guides: Collection One and Book By Book: The Complete Guide to Creating Mother-Daughter Book Clubs

Congrats, Mar Junge!

May 13th: Christina Katz gave away a copy of Writer Mama with a bonus e-book Author Mama

Congrats, Cara Holman and Dee!

May 14th: Heather Vogel Frederick gave away Once Upon A Toad (children’s middle grade novel)

Congrats, Suzanne Holyde!

May 15th: Krysty Krywko gave away a copy of Late-onset Hearing Loss: A Parent’s Perspective (nonfiction, e-book)

Congrats, Lorraine Wilde!

May 16th: Heather Snow gave away Sweet Enemy, A Veiled Seduction Novel (fiction, romance)

Congrats, Pattie!

May 17th: Janet Boyer gave away Tarot In Reverse (nonfiction)

Congrats, Mary Lou Gomes!

May 18th: Hope Clark gave away a copy of Lowcountry Bribe (fiction, mystery)

Congrats, Ljohnsontravels12!

May 19th: Laura Laing gave away Math for Grownups (nonfiction)

Congrats, Mary Lou!

May 20th: Christina Katz gave away a copy of Get Known Before the Book Deal (nonfiction, how-to)

Congrats, Cynthavi Love!

May 21st: Nina Amir gave away How To Blog A Book with a foreword from Christina Katz (nonfiction, how-to)

Congrats, Cara Holman!

May 22nd: Natalie Serber gave away a copy of Shout Her Lovely Name (fiction, short stories)

Congrats, Mary Lou Gomes!

May 23rd: Christina Katz gave away a copy of Build Your Author Platform e-workbook (nonfiction, how-to)

Congrats, Mar Junge!

May 24th: Kristina Riggle gave away Keepsake (fiction, novel)

Congrats, Lisa S!

May 25th: Abigail Green gave away Mama Insider: Laughing (And Sometimes Crying) All The Way Through Pregnancy, Birth and the First Three Months (e-book, humorous nonfiction)

Congrats, Heidi Smith Luedtke!

May 26th:Anthology Day! Cara Holman, Lorraine Wilde, and Lela Davidson are participating writers.

Congrats, MLTCG! You won Women Writing on Family

Congrats, Poppyherrin! Easy to Love but Hard to Raise

Congrats, Lisa S! Chicken Soup for New Moms

May 27th: Mariam Kobras gave away a copy of her award-winning The Distant Shore: Book One of the Stone Trilogy (fiction, romance)

Congrats, Mar!

May 28th: Allison Winn Scotch gave away a copy of The Song Remains The Same (fiction, novel) More info

Congrats, Judy M. Miller!

May 29th: Lisa Schroeder gave away It’s Raining Cupcakes More info and Sprinkles and Secrets More info (middle grade fiction novels)

Congrats, C.L!

May 30th: Christina Katz gave away one set of her three books by Writer’s Digest: Writer Mama More info , Get Known Before the Book Deal More info, and The Writer’s Workout More info (all nonfiction, how-to)

Congrats, Chris Blake!

May 31st: Karen Karbo gave away a set of her three kick-as women books: How To Hepburn More info, The Gospel According to Coco Chanel More info, and How Georgia Became O’Keeffe More info (nonfiction)

Congrats, Dana Britt!

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