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The Opposite of Creativity Is…


That’s what I have seen.

A very wise man I knew many years ago taught me that the opposite of create is cremate.

We can create or we can destroy. And it all springs from the same impulse.

In the end, you are either going to have the fruits of something wonderful…or an unholy mess.

So maybe the reason we want to beat the you-know-what out of someone (with our words or our fists or our social mafias) is because we can’t face the blank page or the blank canvas or can’t stand opening our mouths and saying what needs to expressed safely.

I think people who are destructive are frustrated beyond words…and looking for someone to take the heat.

I’d rather hang out with the creative people, while accepting that being creative does not make us perfect or put us on pedestals.

The choice is always ours at any moment.

We can create. Or we can self-destruct or destroy.

Wisdom comes from knowing the difference between constructive and destructive impulses.

If it’s constructive, say it, do it, dare to.

If it’s destructive, think twice. Because bad intentions will come right back around at you.

Karma seems to move faster today. It’s like the Universe is running out of patience.

We need to wake up faster. We need to stop dinking around and get on track and stay on track—whatever that means for us.

Life on earth is process, not perfection. If your focus gets all screwed up, take a break and get your head screwed on straight, and then get back in the game as calmly as you can.

This is no time for hissy fits; not while there is real work to be done.

Not when there is your work to be done.

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  • barbaramcdowellwhitt March 14, 2013, 2:49 pm

    Christina, I like you statement, “If it’s constructive, say it, do it, dare to.” An editor with the Kansas City Star was helping me craft my commentary on a forthcoming gangs summit when I asked him, “Do we dare….” His immediate response was “If we dare, we do.” This was the same man who called me after I had submitted my article to him. He began our conversation by saying, “Let me start by saying, ‘you write very well.'” I also like your “We need to…get on track and stay on track.” Time and again it comes to me, “It is okay to get off the track as long as you stay on the train.”

  • christinakatz March 14, 2013, 3:03 pm

    Thanks, Barbara. I appreciate your thoughtful response. 🙂