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The Prosperous Writer Blog Prompt is…Trouble-shooting

Whiners never prosper. I am going to ask for this to be emblazoned upon my tombstone.

But trouble-shooters thrive. Because they address issues without taking things personally.

I had more to say about what a trouble-shooting attitude means to me in my e-zine, The Prosperous Writer, this week. :)

And now, readers have a chance to share their thoughts on the topic.

Anyone can share, though I’m most interested in the responses from subscribers to what wrote in the e-zine.

To get in the loop, subscribe in the upper-right-hand corner of the blog to my weekly e-zine, The Prosperous Writer. You will be jumping in with the next issue.

In the meantime, check out the responses from TPW readers, who post a link below that will take you directly to their response to the topic.

If you missed out this week, I hope to see your response to the next prompt!

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  • Tina Haapala November 9, 2010, 5:09 am

    Hi Christina! After having some computer issues in the past week, I was thinking “troubleshooting” in a very technical vein–but hey, even that impacts my writing. I could have easily decided that writing just could not be done with a disabled computer, so I’ll just take a few days off. Well, that certainly doesn’t help get the computer fixed, and it sure doesn’t move my writing forward.
    Anyway, thanks for the spark! Here’s my blog post: http://www.excuseeditor.com/2010/11/excuse-editor-troubleshooting-guide.html

  • Karen Banes November 11, 2010, 12:24 pm

    It’s been a while since I blogged along with other TPW readers, but I’m hoping to get back into it with my latest post on Trouble Shooting @ http://www.changetheworldwithwords.com/?p=294