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The Prosperous Writer Prompt is…Ethical

There are a couple of great movies out there right now that can really spur an interesting discussion of what is and isn’t “ethical.”

The first is The Social Network. Remember that the film is fictionalized when you watch it, of course. But I think the creative and legal implications of the film as it stands on it’s own are very interesting.

The second film to bring up the topic of professional ethics is Exit Through The Gift Shop. My husband saw and suggested it. I thought it looked creepy but nothing could have been further from the truth. It’s enlightening and also brings up many interesting questions about creative ethics for these times. This story is based on facts, but clearly has a specific slant, as you shall see if you watch it.

I am going to have to watch both of these movies a few more times before I decide what I truly think because they bring up so many 21st century concerns.

When I talk about “ethical” in The Prosperous Writer this week, I am essentially talking about being honest with yourself and others. There are many instances of folks not being honest with themselves and others (or even remotely self-aware) in the films.

I think both films can lead to many long discussions about art, rights, and the creative process. If you were a subscriber, you would know what else I said about writer and “ethical,” because the e-zine would be sitting in your inbox.

E-zine readers are invited to share their thoughts on the topic by responding in their blogs and then commenting with a link to their post, so we can all follow the discussion.

Anyone can share here, although I’m most interested in responses from subscribers to what wrote in the e-zine. (Yes, it’s like a secret club.)

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If you missed out this week, I hope to see your response to the next prompt!

* If you are interested in a more truthful look at the founder of Facebook, I suggest reading the Time magazine in which Mark Zuckerberg was named Person of the Year for 2010. LINK

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